Mustang Cave mystery in Nepal

Travel Desk : There are many mysteries in itself boasts Himalayas. India and Nepal are still many places in the Himalayas which is about surprise. One such place where there are 10,000 mysterious caves in Nepal.
Nepal’s Mustang district in Nepal these caves Caves of Mustang cave or Sky says.
155 ft of land in the hills of the Himalayas, the caves became the world’s biggest mystery archaeologist are told.
More than 10 thousand caves on high sandy hill in a giant sand castle look like.
Some believe that these caves archaeologist humans have created.
2000-year-old skeleton found peculiar
– University of Cologne in 1990 and the team of Nepal archaeologist bizarre skeletons were found here, which was nearly 2000 years old.
– Subsequent research in the cave of Upper Mustang, but why these caves were created and who could have known about it so far is nothing.
One thousand people every year get permission
– Due to the Tibetan border by 1992 had permission to go to the Trackers. Every year thousands of travelers now get permission. To protect these caves Samdjong villagers.
– Mustang Jomsom airport is 15 minutes away Mustang Eco Museum. The bones found in caves, skeletons, pendants you can see here.
How to reach the Caves of Mustang
Upper and Lower Mustang Mustang Mustang is divided into two parts, will reach here before you reach Pokhara. For this you will get from Kathmandu airport, Nepal transport corporation buses. The nearest airport is at Jomsom.


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