Narender Modi Launched Bhim app for E-Payment

New Delhi. To promote digital payment Narendra Modi on Friday launched a new mobile app Bhima. Modi said, “The Government is bringing technology, through which the Internet without your payment will be. Thumb once was a sign of being illiterate, he will become the power of digital payment.
Your thumb will be enough for digital transactions. ” Please tell the Bhim Upiai based app. Based enabled app in the New Year is coming. On Friday he arrived in Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium Diji-money fair. He also promote digital payment awarded to people and collectors. Diji funding scheme announced winners.
1. Two weeks later, the system will start
– “65 percent of young people below 35 years, 100 million people have mobile, where the fate of people in the thumb. What can a country, you can imagine. ”
– ” Aadhaar has received 100 million people. Is designed to support the work of younger age. Based on those numbers, almost everyone got older. ‘

2. The rest of the world will go to Google Guru

– ” They are after the world’s second country they go to Google and ask the teacher what Bhima? Initially, the Bhim of Mahabharat look them.
– ” When they look deep into India were Bharat Ratna BR Ambedkar, who had spells Hitai-Bahujan Bahujan Sukhaya.
– He said, ‘this app to empower the poorest of the poor. It is not for the rich, the wealth of the poor. ”
3. Therefore, in the name of Ambedkar made the app
– ‘App small traders, farmers, the poor, tribals will power. Hence the name of Ambedkar made the app looking downtrodden, exploited for her life. ‘
– “The day of small traders, the poor, small shopkeepers will begin using Bhim. When it will take loan, then the bank to show and say that this is my mobile transaction.”
– “It is a tribute to the country 2017. Within 5 minutes Rs.5000 these little guys will get loans. The work platform is to get as Bhim to pursue.”
4. The Bill will become an economic superpower family
– He said, “Bhim your family is going to be an economic superpower.”
– Lucky draw winners to announce Modi promoting digital payments are working to strengthen the foundations of India.

What is Special in this App

5. EVM is surprising to see the world
– ” Today many educated countries, the developed countries when they know that millions of people in India, there is a button voting and the counting result in 2 hours, begin to wonder if he would. ”
– ‘ “the country illiterate, on the understanding of citizens raise some question marks. Country in the world can boast that we have such a large amount of success with the use of electronic voting machines. ‘
6. The opposition pessimistic Nishana- drug, but the opportunity optimistic
– A dig at the opposition, saying, “There are some people whose life begins to despair. There is still some medicine for them.”
– “I have no medicine for people lying in disappointments, but I quite optimistic for those opportunities.”

7. The first thing was to go, there is still to come

– “See the news three years ago. So how much coal was used to study, how much was Tugi. Today’s news came Dekia- much today.”
– “This country, the same people, the same law, the same government, the same files were. He was also the time that had to be discussed. It is also a time that is to come to discuss.”
8. The mouse was the only catch, she is secretly eating all
– He said, “the leader said, dug out of the mountain and mice. Brother! I had to remove the mouse, all the secret is to eat.”
– “This is the work and the work of catching mice running faster.”
– “Farmers work hard and crop grows. Mice are eating.”
– “Passion for the country, so some people to surrender to the strength God gives.”

9. Thanks to ask questions

– He said, “when the red light was fond of people, the media has fallen behind. Slowly, he began to fear that the red light was right.”
– “I also thank the people of the media. The media get resolved, it happens.”
– “Helmet-seat belt law, but did not listen. The media has fallen behind. It is a good thing. In the coming days the media can serve very large.”
– “I address you used to be seen in 50 days, next to a rickshaw, shopkeepers ask that you be aware of digital payment. Then he would ask me to tell that.”

¬†Ambedkar’s vision was clear

– He said, “India’s currency system, a clear vision and contribution to the economy was a great man he is named Dr. BR Ambedkar.”
– “Today was another new job. A new app has been launched. Its name, too. Few people know that the great man gave us the Constitution, Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar expertise in economics was their true identity.”
– “Living in the village in Jharkhand, women adopted the technology. The country people who are aligned with it, they are bright Showing strong foundation of India. I congratulate them.”
11. April 14 will draw mega
– He said, “Under the scheme, the mega draw will be held on April 14, which will be the multi-crore reward.”
– “Diji-funds business plan will encourage those who are promoting digital payments.”
– Narendra Modi said, “will reward the millions of families in 100 days. The first day out of the 4 people whose names I did reward myself.”
– “Christmas day, the Indian government launched a gift and up to 100 days under 15 thousand people every day through lucky draw prize of Rs 1000 plan was launched.

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