There is now ‘Big O’ Holocaust, many countries of the world will be doomed

Los Angeles : The predicted end of the world which have been so many times and most of the time they are proved false. The US Geological Survey has been claimed that in the next few years in the US California is likely to see a major earthquake of 8.0 Magnitude. Scientists at the Holocaust ‘Big O’ is named. If upheld, the report year by 2045 in the region will see major earthquake devastated the city of Los Angeles will be complete.

According to the Geological Survey, the ‘Big O’ the name of the series of earthquakes in Los Angeles within the next 30 years, the city will be destroyed. According to scientists, the earthquake in Chile in April 2014 after the great upheaval which raised the Nazca Plate tectonic plates have increased tension. The scientists also issued a warning for Chile, saying that her soon to be prepared for even more great earthquake.


The city would be submerged by 2050
the Virginia Institute of Marine Science professor John Boon predicts that by 2050 the US East Coast, nestled in the city would be submerged in water. He has since its inception in 1987. If we look at their studies every year the water level rise is 0.3 mm. According to this in 2050, many cities would be submerged.