Now Reduce Weight 10 kg Less Then One Month

New Delhi : If you  changes  your daily routine in the morning then no one stop you to reduce you belly fat . – Yes, now 1 month you can Reduce your weight to 10 kg. It is not magic, but it’s very true thing. Obesity in your metabolism rate is considered to be quite helpful. If it’s high, you can reduce your weight comfortably, but, if it’s slow, you are hard and no matter how much dieting, your weight may be slightly less. If you are to lose weight taking it seriously thinking your creatures style little change yourself. Wake up in the morning you will have a few simple things to do once a month and then you see your weight will start to be reduced quickly. So let us tell you about certain things:-

Bath time  get cold water

Maybe it’s the you a little discomfort, but it will reduce your body temperature and it’s hot to get rid of the fat body cells to use so will go a long way to lose weight.

Drink Green Tea Daily

Now daily drink green tea and stop to drink normal tea or coffee. Because in Green Tea Lots of antioxidant who helps you to increase your body metabolism .

Do Heavy Breakfast

Always take heavy breakfast in morning . If you taking heavy breakfast then you not able to eat lunch in afternoon . This helps you to reducing your weight . But also remember do not take useless things in your meal.

Daily Exercise

Morning exercise will decrease your weight to early. If you cannot find the time in the morning, in the evening one hour exercise, of course.

Sun Bath

One  research has shown that people who taking sun bath in the  morning , his weight quickly gets the reduced . This increases the metabolism of the body


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