How to protect Your Self For Cyber Attack & Network Attack

Hello guys , today i will tell you how to protect your self for cyber attack & network attack . As you know today all world connect with internet . And now all work done by online . if you need to buy something then you choose online buying websites because they are giving service at your door  , another hand we also using many social websites like Facebook , Twitter etc.. . As our internet uses is increased other side many threats are comes.Because many cyber criminal watching your activity , they are ready to attack you and wants to harm you . so we need security , So today i will tell you how to protect you all fields.

How to Secure your Facebook

We all using social networking website Facebook , twitter etc. After google its big website which have so many users.So cyber criminals try to steal your information. So for protecting your facebook or twitter account follow this step .

  1. Change your password regularly after 3 months
  2. Use long tail password with symbol & Sign
  3. Do not share your email with any one
  4. Do not accept any file from unknown person
  5. Do not download any software from malware website

How to secure your computer

Yes this is very important thing you need to secure. Because many 60 % users do not know how to protect your computer . And any cyber criminal able to steal your information threw your computer or pc . Here is tips to secure your computer.

  1. Always use paid & Trustworthy Anti Virus like ,AvastQuick , Heal
  2. Use Firewall in your computer
  3. Do not accept any file from any other person
  4. Before open any unknown file scan this file to Virus Total Because This website scans files in 56 anti virus, After result if its shows malware or Trojan then do not open that type of file .
  5. Regularly update your window

How to Secure your Debit Card / Credit Card

As many online shopping company comes , we buying threw product from online companies . For buying we using our Credit card  & Debit card . But we doing some mistakes and results is our debit or credit card information steal by cyber criminals . Here is tips to secure your cards or bank detail.

  1. Never buy anything threw cyber cafe computer
  2. After buying things from internet you need to Log out properly.
  3. Before using Credit card you need to check anti virus or anti malware installed on your computer or not.
  4. Before buying any thing from any website need to check this website scam or not go to this link Scam Adviser
  5. Do not open any email from unknown source because some criminal scrap mails to the internet and they send email to you that you win lottery , and asking your bank detail to sending lottery amount. But this is fraud do not enclosed your bank detail.
  6. Do not tell your credit card detail to any telephony conversation
  7. Keep your pin secret do not tell to any body
  8. Be Smart Online

How to Protect your Website

If you are running website for your earning or any other aspects . Then you also need to secure your website. So i wil give you tips to secure your website from ddos or any other attacks.

  1. Always use Famous  company Hosting
  2. Use Big Server for hosting
  3. Always scan your website to weak points like Acunetix Web Scanner 
  4. Always use firewall in your website
  5. Do not install vulnerable Plugin in your website , before installing any plugin check vulnerability in google.
  6. Use Cloudflare Firewall Protection for your website, Because million of website using this firewall .
  7. Protect your database with password
  8. Use Strong password
  9. Always Delete your installation folder in your c panel

If you follow my steps then i will ensure you no cyber criminal able to harm you. Be active and smart online when you using things on internet. Other wise you facing big problem in online.