Quit Smoking : Most Effective way to quit smoking

How to Quit smoking

Once a person is addicted for cigarette smoking then its very hard to quit the smoking . Because when a person start to quit smoking then they face many difficulties in the process of quit smoking. Likes vomiting ,stress, headache and many other types problems. That’s is called Withdrawal symptoms of quit smoking .

Leaving smoking is very difficult  because you want to leave the smoking but smoking  doesn’t leave you intoxicated and when you try to quit smoking but reaction is opposite like then you smoking even more before.


Will Power :

It is necessary first to  decide to leave smoking . But it is not easy because not only lets you decide take cigarette and you will avoid this decision tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. So if you want to leave the smoking  first strong decision that you wanna leave smoking . You place this decision tomorrow convulsed today and just start following it.


Keep Your Scheduled Busy

If you keep yourself busy all day so your focus is not on the side of smoking and smoking  can easily leave. You wish you can also create a routine that you having a little Yoga and pranayama, good diet and take some time to relax to include roots.

Tell to your family or friends

When you are sure of you leaving the smoking then tell  about this to your  families and friends also tell them. you ask for to help achieve the goal. You need  to leave your friends who also doing smoking  . You also note his consistent i.e. you take close to sit with people who do drugs youth or any other abuse.

Do Not Keep Cigarette Packet

You need to remember one thing do not keep cigarette packet in your packet . If you have the remain so you draw will occur, thus you are straying from their goals, it will start to drink again. You stay away from smoking.


Discard the ginger used drugs you take and in a household remedy in a few pieces and keep juice Lemon, well you little bit salt and put a little thyme, too, of course. After its pleasures in a debian with you and whenever you cite of intoxication raised so you take 1 – 2 pieces. This is lost, as well as youth mind you indigestion problems such as constipation, distaste and receive salvation from.

Ginger you slightly with fennel, cardamom, harad and can also keep Phyllanthus emblica and of chasing down their teeth on them. Soon you will get rid of the habit of drunk and you sour  flatulence and loss of appetite will also be like that problem.


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Honey & Water

Combine juice and honey water, Lemon all the way from the body of the person that toxic elements gives out. You also have a little warm water and flavoured with paired, honey in small amounts with Lemon juice drink. You take this measure at least 1 month to adopt them. You will benefit from stunning form.