How to Quit Smoking with Home Remedies

Quitting Smoking and TobaccoBy Self Discipline 

Every year, millions of people have used the drug in tobacco and other types and perhaps it seems a small thing, but by doing so they betray your family AND the kids.

Tobacco products consumed cigarettes, chewing tobacco, zarda, Hookah, and many do as a chillum . This article is only for those who really want to quit the drug .

The person who decides to quit smoking is a strong addiction or substance of a foundation that works to free them from slavery.

Discomfort when trying to quit tobacco addiction, insomnia, stress, headache, shaking limbs, symptoms such as loss of appetite not begin Withdrawal whom symptoms (Withdrawal Symptoms) is called .

These symptoms tend to cite that person as well as acute drug intoxication begins his frustration again . Such drugs are the person who is caught in a trap . But the best determination If we want the leave may be easier to dope .

How to quit tobacco and smoking addiction

1.The firm took the decision that you want the leave the addicts .

2. Begin with regular routine, timely Sleep, get up before sunrise to be a walk in the park etc., yoga, pranayama and exercise regularly practice to adopt healthy eating .

3. Maintain confidence .

4 .small pieces of ginger with lemon juice Soak, little black salt, sun dry drunk is feeling the urge Chew 1-2 pieces .The appetizer and reduce drug cravings .

5. In a packet anise, cardamom, dried myrobalan business Aanvle fragments of drug craving desire to get rid of it eat 2-3 piece of caardamom.

6 Harad digestive pill and Anardana equity are also increasing hunger, drug does not cite .

7. If intoxication is extremely difficult to quit, while reducing the volume gradually release the drug .

8.Counselling for  release of tobacco addiction and the role of the doctor are important if you are having trouble in yourself then you quit or they can help |

9. Anorexia, sleep, fatigue, malaise, headache, medicines such as Ayurveda Vidravl symptoms Lsunadi equity, Hingwastk powder, powder Ashwgandhadi, chyavanaprash, amla powder, are useful to quit smoking . But should be taken  doctor doctor advice .

World No Tobacco Day on May 31 every year -World No Tobacco Day is celebrated this year’s tobacco addiction we are aware of themselves and others to educate .