How to Reduce Belly Fat Just in 7 Days

Belly fat is big problem in modern life style , every man and women suffering from this . Every person wanna reduce belly fat but they are  not successful to reduce belly fat . But today i will gives you some tips , with the help of my tips you easily able to reduce belly fat , so lets start with my tips.

  1. First of all do not drink much coffer or tea
  2. Do not eat junk food
  3. Use Green tea regularly
  4. Do exercise who reducing belly fat

Belly growing fat may cause several problems. Firstly, it messes up your look also can also cause health problems. Irregular eating and physical activity due to a decrease in this issue occurs.

To tackle this problem people seek some measures on their belly fat disappear from and enjoy life. Many people try it but they won’t be able to find. But today we have come up with some measures that are easy on the stomach fat acquirers seven days can disappear. Discover with us the extremely simple measures:

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A day in the week fasting fasting may be beneficial to the body. If you are very fond of food and drink. Food stuff come up cannot control themselves so keep a week-day fast of course. In the meantime, just drinks or fruit intake such as lemonade, milk, juices, soup etc prioritize things. You can eat salads or fruit salads of vegetables. Salad with beneficial body weight loss also may prove effective.


Yoga to reduce belly fat is a good option. You regularly every morning Yoga body stored fat can be reduced. Keep in mind when you choose Yogic exercises belly fat loss with Yoga to choose. Yoga body keeps far from all kinds of diseases. Daily servicing all acts, sun salutation, bhujangasan, virgins, padmasan, shalbhasan can be profitable in reducing belly fats.

Junk food

Junk food :- if you are serious to lose stomach fat, keep distance from junk food because junk food works of rapid weight gain. Try eating things with less spices only. Sometimes steam vegetable intake may prove beneficial. Instead of normal flour barley and gram flour all should eat chapati.



honey is help full to weight loss or to reduce the  honey also beneficial. Good morning empty stomach every day a little amount of honey with warm water time to SIP and muscular difference. Your belly will disappear in a few days to deposit fat.


Green Tea

If you are fond of tea, milk tea boy-boy and green t make a habit of drinking. Rich in antioxidants green tea, lemon t or black bike. Indeed, milk drinking tea increases the chances of your obesity.


Morning Walk

Morning-evening tour holds tight to the body fit. To remove belly fat daily morning jog while immediately after dinner and a place to sleep while thaliana. You can easily reduce the extra calories and stomach extra fat can also be reduced.

So here is my use full tips for Reducing belly fats.