How to root android smartphone in easy steps

You hearing about root android smartphone ,if you not hearing about this then today i will teach you my this post. After rooting android phone so much changing comes in phone. You able to customize your android phone as you want. You able to access bases of your smartphone & able to change everything in phone.

What is Android Phone Rooting

Phone rooting direct means is reaching about in phone OS bases & doing changing any things. Help of root you able to change interface, Locking system & pre installed application. Processing phone rooting we replace custom android OS with original android software.

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Before doing rooting in your phone you need to know profit & drawback of root . Because if you not follow proper instruction then your phone going dead. After that no technology repair your phone.

Why Android phone is Necessary

Friends before doing rooting we need to know why rooting is necessary . You saw in play store many application is available who only works in rooted phone. Another thing if you need to experiment with your phone then you learn rooting of your phone.

Profit Of Rooted Phone

Do Anything (Change UI) : First of all if we wants to know profit of rooted phone then it is you able to change any thing in your mobile. If you have little knowledge of android phone OS then you able to change your phone Interface.

Boost Your phone : When we buy a phone then its have pre-installed application available, with the help of rooting you able to uninstall this application . Its help to free memory of your phone, which result your phone speed going high. Many user experience the low speed of phone reason is you already know.

Processor,Battery life ,Speed : After doing rooting of your phone you feel amazing experience with your phone. Because you able to overclock or under clock with your phone ,means easily increase or decrease performance of your processor. Also your phone battery life increase after rooting.

Advertisement free apps :- You able to increase sleep time of your phone. Some application shows ads on your mobile phone  , but after this you able to remove all ads. You able to install custom ROM on your android.

So you saw after rooting your phone many new opportunities comes, which help you give new look to your phone.

Drawback of Rooting of your phone

Phone Dead :- Before doing rooting in your android phone , you need to follow all instruction. Because if you doing any mistake time of rooting then your phone is useless . Means your phone may dead, not able to do with your phone after wrong rooting. For example if you install any application of your phone & this application contain virus then only responsibility is yours.

End of your phone Warranty : This is main drawback of rooting in phone & that after done rooting your warrant is end. Because in rooting you break phone security lock (Jail Break) . Only some company allows rooting on phone like Samsung,Motorola & HTC .

Custom OS Install :- When you break your phone security means doing rooting , after that no update you got from phone company. Because company stop to gives update in rooted phone.

How to root android phone

  1. First of all you need to install King Root software in your computer .

2. After installing king root on your computer its says connect your mobile phone .


3. Before connect your phone you need to go setting on your phone and click USB Debugging on your phone. Usb Debugging you found on developer option on your phone.


4. when you successfully connected your phone with king root then a option comes who shows button root. You need to click this button for rooting. After successfully rooted your phone you need to click finish button of king root application.


Note :- Before doing root your phone read all instruction of rooting , because if you got any damage in rooting then i am not responsible . Because i already told the drawback of rooting.


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