Secret 5000 Year Old Flying Machine Discovery in Afghanistan



The truth is this flying machine was one of the millions of machine used in the war of mabharat, the biggest war ever took place on the earth 5000 years ago, in which more than half of the planet was destroyed, lord Krishna was a part of the war…… This war destroyed almost everything & this is why everything they discovered and don’t understand what it is they call it aliens civilization did it!! No the truth is that thousands of years ago they had more advanced technology than now… Yes we are losers!
now a days we are destroying the nature, natural resources and naming it as technology but ancient indians have great technology and the used it without destroying the nature, natural resources, the worst thing is that the technology was not transmitted to the next generation.
That was the cover story for being able to invade. 9/11 was a false flag used to enter Afghanistan and Iraq, for the purposes of hijacking natural resources, toppling leaders, installing Rothschild banks, and of course investigating the ancient supernatural technology that’s in those lands.