How to Setup & use of Paytm Application

Setup Paytm Application  After banned 500 & 1000 notes in the country bank have become so crowded . Al the people are upset with the bank engaged in long lines .You don’t worry about this because you not need to stand in long lines . Because today we tell you one amazing application called paytm . You able to do online payment threw Paytm Application . If you don’t know about Paytm before then today i will told you about how to setup &  use of Paytm Application. Lets start with Setup Paytm Application .

500 & 1000 notes ban effect many person life and they not able to do online transaction. But with the help of Paytm you able to do online payment easily. Also Now Paytm is so popular after Notes banned.

What is Paytm ?

Paytm is Application which use of Transferring money to any where . Paytm Also have Official Website and Its have Android Application which support all Mobile Handset. You able to download paytm application in all  IOS , Android , Window mobile. Paytm Application is Available in Google Play Store

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Where to Use Paytm Application

This is not a new application this is old application , many people are using this application before noted banned. You easily able to use this application. Now i told you where this application helps you.

  1. Paytm Application helps you to doing mobile recharge, both prepaid & Postpaid Application. You no need to go in mobile shop to doing mobile recharge.
  2. DTH , Electricity bill , Water bill this application help you pay your all bills.
  3. If you are travelling in metro train then you also pay threw paytm for metro card.
  4. Paytm also help you to pay Taxi bill.
  5. Train , Bus ticket booking is able to book with paytm application.
  6. Many medical and petrol pump also accepting paytm payments.
  7. Movie ticket and hotel booking is possible with paytm.
  8. If you wanna transfer money one bank account to other bank account then paytm also contain that option.

How to use Paytm Application for Online payment

You no need to doing much effort for using this application , you only just need to make on paytm ID on this application. After that you able to doing online transaction.

First of all you need to install this application in your android mobile phone. Then put your mobile number and verify your mobile number in paytm application . Then you able to send money threw your ATM.

If you wish to add money in paytm then use paytm wallet in this application. For help paytm wallet you able to deposit money in your bank account.