Smartwatch & iPhone 8 can be launched in the new year

New Delhi : According to reports in the world of gadgets running Google Chrome and Android make major changes in your being. Google Android running on your laptop could launch in 2017. Even that being said, these new laptops will Google’s Chromebook vision and new direction will operate as both a traditional laptop and tablet.

Google smartwatch

When it comes to Google with Android Watch your big software update has been deferred until 2017. According to reports, Google is planning to launch its own smart watch. Yet in this’ category of gadget Apple has dominated the smartwatch. Google to compete with Apple in 2017 to enter the field himself.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of this year due to the difficulties encountered. S8 series flagship smartphone Samsung phones now in the market through some dirt on your image will look to wash. The company did not reveal much about it yet. But the Samsung has a big announcement this week that Apple iPhone and Google would pixel digital assistant like.

New iPad

In February 2017, according to reports, Apple is planning to add a new iPad in the series. These will focus on the new iPad models Pro line. Under this new screen Saijhon pad and pencil stylus Apple “will be improved.

iPhone 8

launched the iPhone 7 is not much time, but people are beginning to iPhone 8 still waiting. 10 years are going to be the iPhone in 2017. This is also the reason due to which people expect from Apple big bang. Apple always releases its iPhone in the first two weeks of September. It is reported that Apple is working on the prototype OLED is one of them.