What is Special Features in Apple Smartphone iphone 5se

Technology discussion at full steam in the world that a new version of its flagship Smartphone Apple 6C is coming soon, but probably not going to happen, because that iPhone 6S of 4-inch variant within that market is not a plan of Apple.

The world’s largest tech companies in the Research Department of Apple iPhone to upgrade instead of the iPhone 6C 5S is muster. According to a report published in the naintuphaivmaik Apple iPhone launch in 2013, now 5S by iPhone upgrade 5SE wants to unload on the market. The new phone will be a 4-inch screen and it will look just like an iPhone 5S.

Now you say that SE mean, here s means special version 4-inch phone and e-5S of insound means iPhone version. Are told that at the moment this new product insiders generally known as M69. This new product of the old iPhone and will have new technology.

Will the new iPhone software and hardware in apagreded 5SE even better than iPhone because 5S in the past two years, technology has changed a lot in the world. It may also mean that if you call the curved corner like new iPhone are 6S, 8-megapixel rear and 1.2-megapixel front camera you can find . As well as e-8 and m-8 chips are also iPhone 6 surprisingly, will not.

New NFC chip in the phone may also be added, so that Apple can run on. 4.2 VOLTE for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11 AC can also occur. The software also can be upgraded, which is auto focus for the video and to the already large panorama sport.

If changes in the market with iPhone 5SE 4-inch screen is lowered with the produce company in iPhone can also close 5S, because the new product will be almost equal in terms of price. That could be launched in March or April, iPhone is 5SE. So let’s wait, Apple on one side of the fantastic Smartphone.