Throat Cancer Symptoms ,Causes & Diagnosis

Abscess in the throat cancer is the place that can be explained only by testing what type of cancer .There  are three types of throat cancer . Going to the root of the laryngeal or throat cancer. Second and third in the back part of the mouth  cancer occurs in the pharynx.

Throat cancer cause

The real reason for throat cancer is not known but it is believed that excessive smoke throat cancer often leads to people. There are so many other reason also cause throat cancer. Chewing tobacco also cause throat cancer. Pharynx cancer and throat cancer in people 40-45 years of age 60-70 years old are more people .

  1. Smoking is cause throat cancer
  2. Excessive use of Alcohols
  3. Vitamin A Deficiency
  4. Poor Dental Hygiene

Symptoms of throat cancer

  1. Continuous pain in the throat and keeps restless
  2.  Decreases appetite
  3.  Decreases body weight
  4.  The person feels weakness
  5.  Laryngeal cancer in the throat of the person speaking, there is little experience
  6.  Later there is swelling and difficulty breathing
  7. Swollen glands in the neck, and the pain can start
  8. Coughing blood comes out with a neck

The location near the nose pharynx cancer not detected in the initial position, blood starts flowing from the nose . Breath smelled Have difficulty in breathing . Throat Swelling and the pain seems to remain a part of the face to boil cancer spreads .

Throat cancer treatment

To treat all types of cancer can only be successful when it is initially recognized . In laryngeal laser therapy or chemotherapy in cancer treatment use . If the abscess has increased this may have to remove all or part Cancer effect cell on neck.


If throat cancer is so small then doctor suggest you remove the tumor with surgery. For surgery you need to go in hospital , there doctor remove cancer cells .

Radiation Therapy

In Radiation therapy doctor use high rays energy to remove cancer cells from your body. But this Radiation therapy also some problems. Because its give you bad effect in your body.


We recommend you to use Ayurveda treatment for throat cancer . In Ayurveda treatment no bad effect on your body & you recover so fast.