Tips to Drive Massive Social Traffic From Twitter

What is Twitter?

Massive Social Traffic Twitter ,Before Starting any thing first of all i want’s to tell you what is twitter . Twitter is social networking website , Born date of twitter website is 2006 . In starting twitter is not much popular, But after introduce live chat feature in twitter made famous . People are called twitter real time networking website. Because you able to share any information in twitter and also connect real time people in twitter. Twitter are using in news , business , sports etc. But you know that today aspect Twitter is source of generating massive traffic. Twitter has so many features.

Today i will tell you how to use twitter for attracting or drive massive traffic for your blog of website. But you need to read and do practical with carefully . You don’t need to any thing fast. Because if you doing all with good planning then result is also good.

How to Drive Massive Traffic From Twitter

1.) When you start in twitter then first only follow 2000 members in twitter . Because twitter is not allow to follow rapidly  members fast. If you doing so fast then twitter block your account. You are not able to follow 10 % people who are following you . My advice in starting to follow 20 members in daily . And you see your twitter account growing rapidly .

2.) In starting daily post 10 tweet . And after tweeting re tweet the post. But remember Use good and attractive images. Also one thing more if your post is boring then people are not reading your tweet . So try to make good post to attract audience.

3.) Manageflitter

It allows you to follow people much easier and even makes the unfollowing process a lot easier. It is highly recommended. The free version won’t get you far, but once it saves you more than half an hour a day, the paid version is well worth its price.

But even if you only want to use the free version right now, sign up for it now, get a feel for it, see what it can do, so you know how much time it will save you when you need it.

4. ) Hast tag :- Hast tag is very important in twitter . After using hashtag your post going in public. And when a person finding related hash tag then they reach in your post . once again i suggest you use hash tag in twitter always.

5. ) Use twitter ads :- Twitter is also providing twitter ads which gives you much traffic. A study shows that twitter ads is much beneficial rather than facebook or google ads. So in starting just for experiment spend 5$ . When you start to get result then increase your fund .

6.) Watch Activity on twitter  : Much People are using twitter but they are fails to attract traffic threw twitter because they don’t know how to use right way twitter platform . I will suggest you keep watching activity in your twitter account  . if you follow a person and back they are not follow you then unfollow them . Because they are not giving you any thing back.

7.) Best time to Post in Twitter 

Like facebook , Twitter also using threw desktop & mobile at home.Because twitter have also twitter app.  If you posting twitter post in specify time. Then you got more then 200 % traffic from twitter . In this pictures i show you which day and time is good for twitter post.