Tips : How to make white hair black naturally

Loading different kinds of color on your hair, long black hair  medicine to people in the tune of the real texture of the hair are going to forget. Now the time has come that we stop and black hair dye to hair, use natural methods. This will not only cause your hair to be white, white hair, but hair a brilliant color will shows. Natural herbs, you can get lost youth, without any adverse side effects. These methods are inexpensive market produce. Gray hair because people are too scared to go in front of your friends and colleagues. Now you can naturally black hair.

Herb you get from the nature of the communication is in puberty and your body are not any different from the losses. Further colors available on the market than they are quite affordable. Gray hairs come from their friends, relatives and colleagues are too scared to meet. If these hairs 1-2 only to throw it out or when more hair colors to use them. But now you get black hair can also use natural remedies.

How to make hair black naturally

Most people long, but intelligent people are fond of dark and coarse hair available in the market is wary of using hair color, because there is a fear of them protects your hair. Natural properties is the best way to use the dark thick hair. If you look around your kitchen and see the many seasonal ingredient (seasonal ingredient) will look to you, which can make you succeed in thick black hair. The use of these household tips you soon naturally thick hair can get.

For long black hair – Amla

We will not describe the properties of Amla will hear from some people. Amla hair oil and hair using the elements of so many has been the related substances. Black, thick hair, and it is a great way to bring them to shine, just a half liter of water with two teaspoons of amla powder and add a little lemon juice to use, this solution very easily from daily hair washing your hair black can create.

Ghee and muleti hair pack to darken the hair

Ayurvedic remedy for hair black, a liter Amla liquorice and a kilo 250 grams of water and heat on low heat ghee. Please go to the water slowly evaporate. Finally leftover slurry deposited in a glass bowl and make everyday use on the hair before washing it. Its use very quickly you can find your black thick hair back.

(Mango for black hair)

You’d be surprised to know that the raw mangoes can also help you find black hair. Solution in it to make some raw mangoes and mango peels float, add a few leaves. Now, add a little oil in the batter and mix well. Slurry to dry in the sun for a long time and then use it to thick black hair.

Mango seeds from black hair style 

Raw mango mango seed you can also use the black hair. It is very beneficial for people with white hair, because she quickly makes white hair black. Use these at the right age prevents white hair and gives relief from the problem of dandruff.

Natural black hair with lemon juice and coconut oil

This ancient medicine is to get black hair. It also consists of removing dandruff and hair roots are strong. Take a glass of coconut oil in sufficient quantities and heat it. Now add half the lemon juice and make a mix. Find it in the hair, such as hair root is. Your hair and rub it well.

Gooseberry for thick black hair

Gooseberry hair black hair any drug is able to cure the problem. Other health problems are treated with the fruit. Solid as you can get fruit or powder. Your gray hair to black powder will remain the best. Mix 2 tablespoons of powder and half a lemon and mix Gooseberry. Find With this hair root. Massage this mixture such that you come in contact with each child. Bath for half an hour before you can use it.

Onion paste from  black hair to measure

Black hair in the direction of the onions is quite beneficial. Cut a small piece of onion and put it on your head. Peel the onion and grind it for best results. Now the meat and keep hair well. Wait 30 minutes after applying it. Now the hair wash with a gentle shampoo. Use this recipe 3 times a week.

For dark hair –  Carrot

You carrot juice on the body must have heard about the benefits. It also plays a big role in hair black. Drink a glass of carrot juice daily in the morning. It makes your hair black this.In the juice to drink it would be better than putting the hair. 1 month after taking the drug, you will see the difference. ”

Lemon and almond oil

Almond seed contain  vitamin E and almond oil (vitamin E and antioxidants), which consists of massaging the gray hairs are away. Lemon also contains other essential vitamins that get adequate nutrition to the hair and their growth is better, too. 2 teaspoons almond oil for this recipe and take the same amount of lemon juice and mix them. Find it NOW on your scalp and leave it for half an hour. Once it expires, Wash hair.

Curry leaves with coconut oil

Curry leaves are very aromatic leaves are commonly used by people living in the South. The B vitamins (vitamin B) is composed of. Coconut oil provides nourishment to the hair enough. Take a cup of coconut oil and a handful of curry leaves. Then boil for 10 minutes or until the curry leaves may not be black. Now remove from the heat and allow it to cool. Find it on your head. Leave it overnight and the next morning shampoo (shampoo), wash with.

Onion and lemon (Onion with lime)

Using onion people tend to make your food delicious. Did you know that your hair but also on many properties. You mixed with lemon and onion may prevent premature hair are white. 3 tsp of onion juice to remove the pulp making. Now Mix 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Mix well and keep them on your hair and scalp and rinse after half an hour.

Ribbed gourd

This recipe will surprise you, because it is not known for vegetable hair your favor. This is absolutely true. The peel and a striped gourd and its little pieces. Now extract the juice and put it in a cup. Mix one cup of coconut oil. Boil it and the oil and keep it firmly on your scalp and hair.


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