Top Affiliate Marketing Programs In India

Affiliate Marketing is number one way to earn money online. Where company’s give you commission when a visitor buy product threw your website. This commission starting 100 Rs to 5000 Rs . In Affiliate marketing  you got commission according to product, means if product is costly then you got high commission . Lets go today we will see top affiliate marketing programs in India who gives you high commission .

But before i want tell you that some companies are good and some are cheaters. But we will discus who are 1000 % good company.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Today affiliate marketing is good source of income to earn online. In internet many E-Commerce company are present who selling their products. These all company gives you commission threw affiliate marketing. If you advertise their product on your website then they gives you commission. This is called Affiliate Marketing.

In easy word if you wants understand that when you are sign up any E-Commerce company affiliate program.when you are post advertise those company products on your website , after that visitors buy product threw your website. Then company gives you commission after sales ,that called affiliate.

How to Earn Money threw Affiliate Marketing

Now turn how to earn money threw affiliate marketing. Earn with affiliate marketing first need is you have any blog or website. where we able to show affiliate website products,after that you need to create account on affiliate programs website.

When you account are successfully created in e-commerce website then you got image or text banner ads. When a visitors buy product clicking threw those banner ads then you got commission. It is quite easy process and every person able to do this.

Top Affiliate Programs in India

  1. Flipkart

Flipkart is very old e-commerce website . You able to earn threw sign up flipkart affiliate program. This company gives you 15 % commission on their products.

     2. Snap deal

In Snap Deal you got every type products easily. If your website have good traffic then you able to earn good income threw snap deal website. You able to earn 10% commission threw snap deal website. This website is top trusted website in affiliate program.

  3. Infibeam 

Snap deal & flip kart type website is Infibeam . This is also top rated website in affiliate marketing. Don’t worry about that website, that website also high trust rating website. You also able to earn 10 % commission in this website.

4. Jabong 

Jabong is number one website in fashion products. You buy clothes and other fashion product & this website also trusted website in affiliate marketing. Jabong also gives 10 % commission on their products.

5. Amazon 

If you asking me very high trusted website in affiliate marketing then i will tell you name Amazon . Amazon website is trusted name in affiliate and you able to earn high commission threw this website. amazon website is most popular and successful website in affiliate. In this website commission is based on your sale .

If you sales good product then you don’t believe how much commission you earned threw this website.

6. also give commission threw affiliate program. But this website commission not fix, this website gives commission threw performance. Means your commission is increase or decrease , one more thing also gives you bonus rather than commission.

So you able to earn double threw this website , that website also trust able website.

7. Host Gator 

If my point of view Host Gator is number one hosting company ,you able to earn money threw this website posting banner in your website. When a visitor click on host gator banner in your website & buy hosting threw your website . Then you will earn very good commission.

One thing i wants to tell you that host gator site gives time to time many discount so your commission going very high . Because of promotional program.

So that is 7 top affiliate programmed in India , with the help of all 7 website you will earn money. Affiliate marketing is easy way to earn money to sit home.

If you got any problem when you earn money threw affiliate programme then no need to feel shy. Ask any thing about affiliate programe in comment box i will answer your all question . Please don’t forgot to share this post because sharing is caring.