Treating AIDS  is now possible

Just going fast around the world  AIDS Treatment are now possible  The magnitude of this case as it means to be HIV positive results that usually is assumed to be the end of life, but it is really incomplete. If according to the advice of the doctors found HIV positive people can-ji long-term normal life.

What is HIV/AIDS?

HIV ( human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus, which leads to AIDS. The virus is transmitted from a person in person. The presence of this virus is in humans, we call HIV. Usually people consider AIDS HIV positive are only meant to be, but it’s not.

Indeed, it is that after entering the body of HIV body resistance capability (ability to fight illnesses) seems to be gradually reduced. All the way from low body immunity disease and infection generating virus etc attack seem to. HIV after 8 to 10 years closer to having all the symptoms of illnesses are begun. This situation is called as AIDS. By the way, after the HIV AIDS until time can be extended with the help of drugs and some diseases may also be correct. Of course, HIV or AIDS is not a disease in itself, but because of the body’s ability to fight disease decreases and many diseases can attack.

How works AIDS virus?

Virus (HIV) is caused by AIDS. The virus body living cell (living cell) remains inside. More than half an hour out from the body cannot live. I.e. open the virus survive, flourish or do not have any fears of outbreaks.

HIV are two types

HIV -1 and HIV -2

HIV-1 is found all over the world and India are also in a similar case 80 per cent. HIV-2, especially in Africa. India also has seen its infection in some people. Some people both due to virus infection occurs. However, HIV-2 infection than those people who live with HIV-1. Mother to child HIV-2 transfer chocolate peanut sweeties are non-existent.

After stepping into the body on the white blood cells attack the virus and keeps slowly kills them.    After infection of these cells and the body’s ability to fight disease is low. The result is that came all the way in the body the day seem to be infection. HIV infection of the last stage and stage is called AIDS.

How HIV Spread

• HIV positive men or women with anseph (without a condom News) why, whether sex is not sex faggot.

• Infected (severe infection) blood from humans.

• HIV positive woman born child. After having baby suffers from breast feeding to HIV infection can spread.

• Blood sample or blood humans in disposable syringe (needle that used only once) is not derived from or sisterly grind to nidal and without syringe.

• Hairdresser (Barber) here without starlaijd (germ-free) from an old razor blade, grind a severe infection.

• In severe infection in person are shaved saloon grind blades

Not spreads-

• kiss from. But if someone cut into her mouth or AIDS and gum inflammation is a problem like such a man can spread AIDS from kissing. I.e. AIDS infection can spread on kissing, if caution is not to have.

• Handshake, hug, the same toilet to drink water in the same glass to stove, chikne, coughing from the infection spreads.

• HIV cannot longer outside the body, so it’s not even eating and air expands.

• Remove blood from blood provided disposable (after the throw used) needle was used.

• Mosquito bites.

• Tattoos are used tools from construction, unless there are starlaijd.

• Doctor or dentist has treated. These people usually use only sterilized tools

 Symptoms, suspect –

starting in normal humans living with HIV and seems healthy. A few years later come before its symptoms. If anyone have symptoms below her HIV test should:

• more than a month long stay due to a fever, which also does not run.

• Stay constant diarrhea without any reason.

• Persistent dry cough.

• Be as white in the mouth sore scars.

• Remain a reason without chronic fatigue and rapid weight loss.

• Memory loss, depression, etc.    (Note: all these symptoms could also be a simple illness. )

AIDS now curable-

Uttar Pradesh Kushinagar a physician in their hard work and dedication AIDS is incurable disease such as Ayurvedic medicine, which the Government of India have patents.   Vagha Khurd near Kushinagar, lakshmiganj resident Dr. Santosh Kumar atomovail’s degree of Engineering from after ayurved doctor  and hard and diligently for terminal illness like AIDS lakshmiganj by purely non-loss in herbal medicine, which contains 16 months can get rid of AIDS as pre-empt.   Dr. Pandey told reporters that this drug patents New Delhi, India Government Patent Office six years ago was that the application deep after 19 July 2010 has been for twenty years of the patent. This will be absolutely free from medication against Positive  patient.


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