How to Unblock Your Website  Blocked by Facebook

Today facebook is good platform for sharing your website posts and driving traffic to your website. Because after google organic search facebook number is second. But some time we are doing many mistake when we posting in facebook . For getting traffic we sharing our website links in many group . Result is first of all we face captcha from facebook and after that facebook permanently banned our website. After that we not able to post our website in facebook . And we got error like this.

                              Facebook blocks

I also face same problem , firstly i also posted my post in many facebook . And result is facebook blocked my website. Then i try many method but no method is working . I posted my link on Google+ and Twitter and it was posted on showing no error. So the question raised why only Facebook is blocking my URL. After some research I came to a conclusion that Facebook blocks those website that are being blacklisted or categorized as Malicious and Phishing by antivirus companies such as McAfee Siteadvisor, Trend Micro, Sucuri etc.

It was a break-through. I was confirmed it was not Facebook’s error but of McAfee SiteAdvisor. I wrote to McAfee to re-categorize my site and waited with patience. After waiting few days my site was re-categorized as IT site. After that I again wrote to Facebook that they have mistakenly blocked my site. And after less than 24 hours my site was unblocked and  I was able to post my website link on Facebook.

Step 1

Write an appeal to Facebook that they have mistakenly blocked your website. Click here to appeal

Step 2

After writing to Facebook wait for few days.  If your site is still blocked then you should scan your website link on the Antivirus companies websites. Try these links to scan your sites for free:

Step 3

After scanning your website see the results. If your site is marked safe by these scanner than you can again write to Facebook to claim that they have mistakenly blocked the link by clicking here. Remember that writing only once don’t even pinch Facebook so write 3-4 times a day until they unblock it.

And if your site is marked dangerous than you have to make proper corrections. Try to find out that your site contains any malicious links or codes or not. If your site is clean then send reclassify request to those antivirus company.

Step 4

After your site is reclassified. Write to Facebook to claim that they have mistakenly blocked the link by clicking here. And you are done. If every thing is fine with your site, Facebook will unblock it in less than 24 hrs.