Whats app  is going to share your mobile number with Facebook

New Delhi :  Be careful to your mobile number Instant Messenger Whats app going to share your mobile number  with Facebook. That lets Whats app users will be able to see even more target ads on Facebook. However, not yet been able to find information about Whats app ads. Users believed the Whats app news, limited time only these options that they would like to share your information on Facebook. Tell you that around 1 billion Whats app user worldwide. In such a case if the information shared on Facebook, of Whats app  users, it will have to convince their users first security. There, they made clear that by Whats app not share all information  to Facebook.

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These offer only so that because use got better suggestion and got right ads information. In addition, the company also said that the Bank, flight information notification such as transgenic users can find company at the right time to gives to the users. These feature, Facebook recently turned on. To protect every possible Whats app , users taking steps in spite of it, however, also some good users do not feel these idea. Haunting their privacy concerns of users. So obviously that information sharing on Facebook Whats app  company could raise many questions.