10 Thing to know Facebook Express WiFi Service


 10 Thing to know Facebook Express WiFi Service

Facebook’s express rental service or facebook express wifi service in  the news.A few months ago, there was news that the company is testing its Wi-Fi services in rural areas of India said. Notably, Facebook earlier to provide mobile data services via the Internet dot org started . It later became known as the Free Basics. Free with the basics problem was that the service has been approved by the Facebook user who could access the website itself.

Facebook Express WiFi Service

It is not easy to bring the Internet to people in rural areas. The express purpose of expanding its reach companies like Facebook Wi-Fi services are introduced. The social media company has adopted different strategies for providing Internet. It is not free, so we can expect fewer restrictions.

Facebook Express WiFi service know about these things

1. Express service is a public Wi-Fi service. Express service service through their phone, computer or any other device will connect to the Internet without spending much money.

2. Facebook’s express rental service now have been evacuated to the countryside. There are 125 locations in the beginning. Facebook said that the introduction of this service in more areas will be shortly.

3. Internet dot org like express service is not free internet service. Just could not get more information about this service, but for Internet customers will buy digital voucher. These purchases will be how and where? Do not clean anything.

4. Facebook also did not express WiFi service in India where the testing is taking place.

5. Facebook has also made it clear that the express service user from accessing the Internet would be able to select the site. If it is a paid system, we can expect more of the open Internet.

6. While Facebook still express service rates have no information about. That said. “This is a sustainable model.”

7. Express WiFi Internet service provider works closely with the network setup. It is not very different from Facebook’s free Basics service. Mobile data on the social network site where the telecom companies had collaborated with.
8. In India, the number of public Wi-Fi network is very low, especially in rural areas. Facebook    Revolutionary Express WiFi service to be the turning point.
9. Facebook insisted that express WiFi service will empower rural area. They can take care of the internet in good quality in our area and their money too.

10. Also to improve Internet connectivity and testing of laser technology like drones are. But to bring it to India, the company has no scheme.