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5 Tips To Increase Adsense Earnings Easily

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Google Adsense Earning Tips, Today I will teach you how to earn more money through google adsense. Because many blogger income sources are Google Adsense. And every blogger thinks how to earn more money through google adsense.


They searching tips & tricks to improve google adsense earning. If you are also adsense publisher and want earn more money through google adsense . Then follow my steps and after you see your earning is increasing 100 % guaranteed.


Most Of the google adsense publisher wanna know how to earn much money through google adsense. And user also thinking always how to increase traffic on their blog. This two Question is important for every blogger and all wanna know how to improve those steps.


But before we start I wanna tell you one thing that without hard work your not able to achieve desired Aim. Today I will tell you tips who is useful for both google adsense earning and  Seo (search engine optimization ). If you do well in both fields then your earning is increasing positively.


Tips To Increase Adsense Earnings

On the internet, you able to get thousand of guides which tell you how to earn much through google adsense and how to improve your Seo. I will tell you best tips & tricks and after you follow my tricks you able to earn next month 50000 to 100000 per month and you also able to increase your traffic.



if you learn Google Adsense Earning Tips So you need you need to write fresh and original content. And you also learn some terms of google adsense. Because Useful content and Organic traffic will increase your earning.



Many Adsense users earning million in a month like amit aggarwal and owner of labnol.org & also supportmeindia.com owner.


So let us start the tutorial.If you are the student and want to make some cash I have found a great article you can check here for online jobs college student here article.

Content is King

How much Visitors visit your website in monthly and yearly its depend on your website content. For example,  A blogger writing article many years and he got only 10 k visitors in a month & another side another new blogger who entering in blogging field just a few months ago and attracting 50 k members per month.


All magic is content. So my advice search on the internet which topic most of the blogger is writing you don’t need to write the same article find another awesome topic and write on your website. And after that, you see the magic of Content. So I say Content is King.


Mainly users visit your website because they wanna learn some things from your website. and if they did not the get proper solution and the same article then they never visit your blog again.


So my suggestion is to write some different and use the full topic on the website. Because if a user like your article then he will share your article with friends. So he attracted friends on your website. This is chain system and if it is not broken then you see a wonderfull result on your website.


Try to Get Much Organic Traffic

Mostly Increasing earning for adsense you need much organic traffic on your website. Here I will give you one example. If your website got 5000 traffic from google search engine and 10000 traffic from another source. Then 5000 google search engine gives you much earning comparison of another sources traffic.



If you able to get 10,000 daily visitors through google search engine. Then you easily earn 100000 monthly. That’s not the tough method. For this, you need to research some high paying keywords threw google keyword planner. And use high paying keyword topic on your website. Its attract lots of visitors and money also.


Forgetting visitors from the search engine you need to write search engine friendly content on your website. If you don’t know about Seo then search on google or I will write the article in Seo later.


 Website Design is Matter

Only writing quality content not helping you but also your website design also matters if you are earning threw google adsense. Use like the standard web page and the bad article also looking good in your well-maintained website.


I saw many bloggers adding useless widgets on their website. Like monthly visitors, Subscribe us, That’s all thing showing your website bad and ugly.Remember one thing in google adsense Website design is also matter because good and responsive template of your website increasing CPC (Cost per Click ) and CTR ( Click Through Rate).


So try to maintain good-looking your website. And also remember one thing after 6 or 9-month change or update your template. Its also helps to increase your CTR.


Placement of Ads in Adsense

This also matters on google adsense. Because google adsense tells some rules to ads placement. If we follow all these rules then we are able to earn high on google adsense. Follow Rules of google adsense helping you increasing CPC, CTR, RPM of google adsense and these thing matters on your website earning.


You need to know source of traffic my meaning check Mobile, Desktop or tablet which source your visitor comes. And place your ads on your source. And also make your website Mobile Friendly because now most of the users come from the mobile phone.


Ads Location & Sizes


Placing Ads in proper location & High-Income sizes ads help you making million in months. Because google adsense showing in helping forum which ads size earning is high so you need to follow that suggestion. I will give you high Paying Ads Size List


All that size helping you to increase your adsense revenue:-
  • 336 * 280 Large Rectangle
  • 300 * 250 Medium Rectangle
  • 970 * 90 Large Leaderboard Banner
  • 728 * 90 Horizonatal Medium Banner
  • 468 * 60 Little header Banner
  • 160 * 600 Vertical Banner

Attract USA / UK Traffic

This is the very important point of google adsense earning. Because it have logic to explain this point. As you know if your website traffic comes from India or Asian country then you not able to earn much.


Because Asian country adsense CPCis very low like 0.20 or 0.30 my meaning if you got 1 click on your ads threw Asian country then your earning is per click only 0.20 but another hand if your traffic comes from USA / UK then you magically able to earn 10$ to 15$ per click.


So try to write for USA / UK visitors. Much Europe country traffic result is much income in your google adsense.


Additionally, you do little more work like ads blocking, blacklisted URL’s  , Placement targeting also help you Increase Adsense Earnings.

But remember always content is king without good content you never succeed. So try to write the usefull and attractive article on your website.


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