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5 Ways Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Online Traffic

5 Ways Guest Posting Can Help Grow Your Online Traffic

Guest Posting can help grow your online traffic & improve your site ranking on search engines. Famous blog post owner loves Guest posting. One another profit is you get backlinks threw guest posting. But before accepting guest post in your blog or website, we need to learn some important steps in guest posting. Other wise its effect your website badly , and your website ranking goes down. In this article i will tell you complete guide for guest post before the start.

Guest posting gives you quality backlinks, another benefit is with the help of this visitors comes your website threw another website.

In this article we are start learning about guest post. I will try to mention all steps  and if i forgot any points then you will ask me comment box section.

Guest post not gives any negative effect on your website. Some blogger are rejecting to accepting guest post , because they are thinking guest post harm your website. But its totally wrong.

Guest Posting Increase or Decrease your website Ranking ?

Both things are true, i say this because if your not understand guest post rightly then it gives bad effect. If you doing guest posting rightly then its Increase your website ranking.

Suppose you allow a visitor to posting a post, but what is guaranty this user not publish same post in other sites or own site. So i will suggest you allow guest posting to your well known person. Other wise do not give permission for guest post strange person’s.

How to Start Accepting Guest Post on your website

Yes this is very good question , how to start accepting guest post on your website. So i will tell you some important steps before accepting guest post on your website.

Guest Post Links Site

Guest post gives two side profit. First you got backlinks in your website & other hand guest poster also got backlinks threw your website. But keep in mind one things that which person is writing  guest post on your website not allow post his website link much. If you allows that then your all visitor goes on another website. Result is your website visitors goes slow.

Content Length

Most important things is how much content length you allowed in your website. I think is 500 words post is good for your website. Because google search gives only priority to those website which have all post 500 or much words. So before allowed any guest keep sure that post have minimum 700 to 1000 words or not. Also keep in mind post have 20 to 25 good keyword or not. You know keyword playing most important role in search engine.

Copyright or Duplicate Content

Before allowing guest post you need to check that post is copyrighted or not . If you allow copyrighted content then google penalized your website , and other bad thing danger on your google adsense account. So before allowing you need to check this content on search engine . other method is check post on plagiarism checker . when you are sure that post is totally clear then allow on your website.

Quality & Content Keyword

Keep in mind one thing most of successful blogger know importance of keywords. They are using many high ranking keyword on website . Other thing they doing quality content in website.

So i will suggest you also that your guest post have much quality keyword and quality post. if you doing this then you got lots of visitor threw search engines.

Good Post Images

Good looking guest post images is playing most important role in your post. One good post image gives you more that 200 k visitors in one month . That’s not a big task , every good blogger able to doing this.

But keep in mind another thing which image you are using not have copyright. So before using this you also need to check on google search.

Spelling Mistakes

If you are the English blogger then try to avoid spelling mistakes on your guest posting. So before to allow try to rectify all spelling mistakes on guest post.

At last i wants to told one thing guest post is most important in today blogger trends. This help you lot and drive traffic on your website.


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