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Amazon Affiliate Program – Guide for Beginner’s with images

Amazon Affiliate Program is best to affiliate program in the world. Before in my previous post, we already talk about Flipkart Affiliate program & another program’s.

But today we will discuss most famous Amazon Affiliate Program.

This will help you monetize your site. There is also some more affiliate program like Clix sense people are making huge money just by referring people.

You can check here Clix sense guide.

Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world. They are running so many affiliate marketplace in the world, so many bloggers and company are selling amazon products with the help of affiliate program.

In the Amazon affiliate program you able to earn 15 % commission to sell products of Amazon.

Because they depend on the product, this commission is decreased or increased according to the products. So it’s a good way to make big money.

So how it working let’s discuss, for example, if you have any mobile blogger. Then you write a review about new upcoming phone & give amazon affiliate link in the description.

only you need to spend your 15 minutes to write a review & you can add substantial extra income.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is online website who founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Amazon is leading website in the e-commerce worldwide & this website sale different type of product.

First when its launched only sales books but after that Amazon starts to sell other products. Like a mobile phone, Computer & other electronic products.

Amazon is very much trusted website in the world & no one says its fraud. So respectively amazon affiliate program

Like a mobile phone, Computer & other electronic products. Amazon is very much trusted website in the world & no one says it’s fraud.

So respectively Amazon affiliate program is also very trusted able, many people earn million dollars in a month.


How to Sign Up for Amazon Affiliate Program?


But one thing more that sign up is depending on your geographical location to the target market.

For example, if you want to choose U.S Amazon affiliate program then you need to Using this link .

But if you want to choose Indian Users then sign up with Amazon India.

Also if you want to promote Amazon products on the different country then you also able to sign up Amazon Japan or Amazon New Zealand.

How much you choose its depend on you. More countries than more profit.

How to Monetize with Amazon Affiliate?

Okay after sign up with Amazon affiliate program you need to start your work for commission. Now you need to make links, banners or widgets for your website.

Choose a different type of banner or widget according to your blog or website niche.  For example:-

  • If you have a mobile blog, then you need to create the page called recommend mobile phones.
  • If you have computer or laptop blog, then create page who recommend different types of laptop & Computers.

Some Condition About Amazon Affiliate

  • Minimum payout in Amazon is approx. 38 $ .
  • You got payment after 60 days end of the month, means when your month ends how much money you earn got after sixty days.
  • If any person refunded any item then you not got any commission means no commission.

Amazon affiliate program is worlds & India most success full affiliate program. This is the best method for monetizing your blog with this amazing program.

If you have any question regarding Amazon affiliate program then ask in comment box. I always happy to help you to help, because if I have known then my thinking share with all.


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