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What is Anchor Text And What importance in SEO

Hello, friends today I will come again for new knowledge about SEO. Which one only few blogger on know name Anchor Text .

How we make this  & why its important for SEO. I think every website owner and blogger need to know about making this .

I  will deadly sure after i tell you about this amazing part of SEO then you also says in the comment box that this is very use full knowledge.

When google update his algorithm in 2015 then big changes is back links which we called in another words anchor text .

Another word we using internal & external links in our blog also called anchor text.

If you putting good anchor text in your blog post then its drive good traffic in your website.

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What is Anchor Text?

Yes its important before we proceeding next, we wanna know about what is anchor text.

Anchor text is Clickable text link where we put our another post link or another website link. Anchor text is hyperlinked which help us attract more visitors threw highlighting.

In simple words, an Internal and external link which we used in a blog post called anchor text.

Why is Anchor text is important in Seo

Many bloggers uses wrong anchor keyword on their website. If i tell you in brief then I need to use 10000 words in my this post about anchor text.

So i will tell you about anchor text in short. If you have any doubt then ask me in the comment box.

  1. Bad Anchor Text :- When we making anchor text for our blog post then we often used Read more, click here, But this is wrong . its called bad anchor text because search engine ignores this type of anchor text. So we not able to get traffic threw this type of anchor text.
  2. Good Anchor Text : – When we use another link in our post and we used keywords in links in anchor text , this types of anchor text called good anchor text. I always suggest you always use keywords in anchor text because its good for seo and search engine also give traffic threw this type of anchor text.

Suppose we writing post in our blog and we have another post about Make Money Online or you wanna post links of another website which title is “How To Make Money Online Threw Blog ” its bad anchor text and if you use “Make Money Online Threw Blog ” its good anchor text example.

This helps you in another way first of all threw this you able to read another website post or your website another post . Search engine also indexed this type links very fast.

Now you under stand what is anchor text , but now i will tell best formula to make good anchor text in your website.

  1. Targeted Anchor Text :- If you using anchor text in your blog post that’s not mean you use any links or another website links which is useless. Always use your post related anchor text in your blog post . its help to drive traffic threw keyword. Because anchor text is work as keyword of your blog post.
  2. Backlinks Anchor Text :- When another website adding your website link in their post then your website ranking increase, because of its count as backlinks. Backlinks are very important in good google ranking.
  3. One Way Anchor Text Backlinks :- When we use another website link on our website as an anchor text and another website not adding our website backlinks that are called one-way anchor text backlinks.
  4. Spammy Anchor Text :- When we use unnecessary links in our website post which one we not need. that called bad anchor or spammy text. And google counts this type of anchor text as spammy and its gives no benefit .

How To make Anchor Text

Code Example:- 

Code sample
  Code sample


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