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How to add Contact Form in blog threw google drive

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How to add Contact Form in blog threw google drive

Google drive or Google docs is very use full tool who provide much functionality & backup option. Its full fill our most of needs . With the help of google drive we store our online data & document create. Today i will teach you how to add contact form in your website or blog threw the help of google drive.

You also embed this contact form in your website. One plus point is that you also able to create survey for your website with the help of google drive. Lets go to start to learn how to create contact form threw the help of Google drive.

Contact form making is not so much easy for the help of google drive. So you need to follow steps which i told you next in my post. First of all you need to create Gmail account for making this. You also embed this contact form to your page or post.

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When you complete to finish the making of contact form then you got HTML code . You just need to add this html code to your website.

How to Create Contact form with the help of Google Drive

I will teach you now to make contact form , but if you choose another method then no worry . Now i will come to topic with screenshot.

Top 7 Steps to create Contact form with the help of Google Drive

    1. First you need to go google drive there you able to see New blue button .
    2. When you click on new then its show button more .
    3. After clicking more you need to click google forum .

Step 2 :

  1. Now give any name to your Contact Form
  2. Then Click + icon on right side where show question
  3. Type name in add question
  4. Now select short answer
  5. This field is necessary so enable this
contact form
Contact form

Step 3 :

  1. Repeat this procedure again and click + sing again.
  2. Type Email in question name field.
  3. Choose Short answer in Email.
  4. Select vertical menu after that.
  5. click data validation.
  6. Select Text data .
  7. Select Email address after that.
  8. Set Error message then.
  9. Email is most important so also enabled Required field again.

Step 4 :

  1. Now Repeat this procedure again .
  2. Type website in after clicking + button.
  3. Repeat all procedure.

Step 5:

  1. Now you need to create comment section.
  2. Type comment in question name.
  3. Select Paragraph because able to send long message.
  4. Select Data Validation.
  5. Select minimum character button .

Step 6:

  1. Now your contact form is almost ready you need to click in preview button.
  2. If all thing is right then click


Step 7 :

  1. After clicking Send button you able to see <> Like button .
  2. Just need to copy html code .
  3. Now you need to add this Code to your website.
  4. You need to Create new page in your website.
  5. When a visitor send you message threw this contact form which is saved on google drive.

So you just need all step which i described in above. I teach you this tutorial in very simple method . After that if you got any problem then you just type your question in comment box. i will reply you as soon as possible.


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