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Content Protection Techniques Safeguard Your Online Content

Content protection technique is the way of securing your content from being copied by others over the internet. Nowadays, bloggers often fall into the traps of online content theft.

The agony is most of the times, original writer will not be aware of his/her content being copied.


Have you ever wondered how to prevent Content protection technique

There are some techniques to prevent your content from being copied. If you see any copycats using your contents and getting accepted by Google services you should actually report google.

All you have to do is to find the website that duplicates your words and do the take-downs or any other control measures.


Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) provides free Takedown services and content protection tools. The simplest way to prevent your content from duplication is by using DMCA badges.

DMCA badge is nothing but an image placed on your website which is hosted in DMCA’s own server. It acts as a seal of protection for your website.

The main advantage of using this badge is that copycats will hesitate to steal your content. You can get a free badge from the official DMCA site. To access unlimited Takedowns, sign up for the premium account.

Once you have logged into, find the badge that suits your website. Copy the HTML code and place it anywhere on the website. You can use this codes to display the badge in your footer or else you can include this code in all the post’s you publish.


DMCA also provides the takedown feature which is the process of removing the content from the website at the request of the original content creator or copyright owner. You can apply for the Takedown using this Form.

If you have a self-hosted WordPress website, you can use free DMCA badges for WordPress plugin.

Using Copyright Symbols

Always try to copy include the copyright symbols like company logo, company name or any other similar materials in all your web pages, e-books, images and PDF’s. It reduces the amount of content theft considerably.

Using this kind of symbols will prevent your content from those who think it’s okay to copy your content from realizing.

It reduces the amount of content theft considerably. Using this kind of symbols will prevent your content from those who think it’s okay to copy your content from realizing.

Copyscape for Content Protection

Copyscape is one of the best software that lets you detect the duplicate content and also to verify the originality of your content. The Advantage of Copyscape is that it scans each and every web page individually.

Go to Type or paste your page address in the address box and click go. You will be listed with the number of suspected articles.

Creative Common License

Creative Common License is another way to protect your digital services.
Online products, photo’s and images can be protected using this method. You can set up your license in seconds from this web page.

WPCopy protect

It is a plugin available for WordPress users. This tool can be used to disable the selection of text and right-click function. Advantage of this tool is that the web page SEO will not be affected.

This is one of the effective ways of content protection.

Even though this plugin hasn’t been updated for last two years, it has 50K+ active installs.

What to do when you find such copycats?

You can contact the properties to remove the content from their website. But if you can’t find any way to contact them, then it becomes tricky. This is where DMCA comes into action. If you use DMCA, you can simply apply for the takedown.

If you have any other way to prevent content online, feel free to describe them in the

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