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How To Create Free Blog On BlogSpot Blogging Platform

Create Free Blog Writing on a blog is a very good thing because of you able to sharing anything you want and if you have a mind then you also earn decent income threw blog.

Here in BlogVirals, i wrote before topic creating a blog using a different platform. I always advised you create a blog using your domain and hosting & good thing if you create your blog using WordPress.

There are many newbies who want to create a blog without any investment. Because there is much reason, first of all, they start a blog for investment if succeed then thinks for investment.

How to Create Free Blog

In the Internet many blogging platforms available where you able to create free blogs. If you looking for the very simple blog then you start with or

When you got experience with free blog after that you go for advance and more professional hosted WordPress blog.

Google gives yo a free platform for creating your blog called BlogSpot.Because Blog Spot allows you to create free blog. But one thing keep in mind blog spot also have some limitation.

But if you are beginner then i always preferred first you need to learn blogging using blog spot. It is a great way to got experience in blogging.


So my this post dedicated for beginners who want to earn money  at home threw blogging system .

Before we start you need to keep this thing on mind for your knowledge :-

  • First thing is BlogSpot is a blogging platform who hosted by Google . It offer to create new blog without any investment. BlogSpot is platform of Google-centric blogging platform.
  • Second thing you also able to earn money with Adsense using blogspot. Here is the full guide how you approve Google Adsense in First Chance.

Step by Step to Creating Free Blog on BlogSpot :

First of all to creating account  you need to sign in with your gmail account in . If you don’t have any account then you can create one for free gmail account.

When you log in then you saw a option where its asked for using limited profile or google plus profile. But i recommend always use google plus profile. Because in future you able to get users or traffic from google plus.


After that you need to complete three steps first of all you need to give title of new blog , second thing choose blog name which is available & third is choose a template . Following picture show you better .


Now you done to creating your new blog but wait there are many another steps is remaining. Because you need to done some setting to run your new blog.

Some things you need to follow after creating new blog :-

  1. First of all you able to saw a button called post , you need to click this button to creating First  post for your blogspot.
  2. But before you creating new post i recommend to create some page like , About us , Privacy policy using buttong page.
  3. After that you need to change your theme , now question is how to get theme . My answer is when you search in google you got many responsive theme for blogspot. Choose one of them and upload using theme option.

Once you done all setting then you need to creating many post to got approval for Google Adsense. For approval google adsense you need to click to enable google adsense button on blogspot. This will allow you to earn money from your free blog of blogspot.


This video help you creating your first blog . My this post for who want to earn money using blogspot & this is easy way to create free blog. I also started my journey with blogspot & now i am using wordpress website for blogging.

If my post help you to creating new blog then share with your friends & family . Also if you have any question then comment on comment box.



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