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How to Get High Quality Backlinks Free

How to Get High Quality Backlinks Free

High Quality Backlinks Free As you know only way to see your website in google search top ranking is making high quality backlinks. So today i will teach you how to get high quality backlinks free.

But question is raise how to find high authoritative website to making backlinks. Also how to add you link to high authorities website.

But don’t worry today in this post i will share with you method . Its quite easy & some effort makes backlinks for your website or blog.

Today i will share with you my experience which i experiment & got many backlinks for my just need to follow all step which i described next.

Start with Case Study & Method in Action

  •  First of all you need to find website which is expire or moved to new web address.
  • Then you need to find linking to moved site.
  • You need to check outdated links of that website.

Now all step done.

We need to discuss all step briefly , its so easy.

Step #1 : How to find Outdated Resources

Now we need to find outdated resources of website . Check how to find them :

  • Domain names changes
  • Site moved to new URL
  • Site is Shut Down
  •  Stopped to giving service
  • Not updated their resources

How to do this all things ?

Now i show you this method in practical. As you know SEOMOZ changed their website name before . Because they changed domain name to .


So what is opportunity to get backlinks threw this site moving to new domain. Well we able to get backlinks threw old website. There are many website or programme who check Broken Link of website . You need to just check broken links of old website. when you scan the website you got many broken links . you just need to copy all URL which are connected with old website. And need to link your website threw comment on those all websites.

Next Step to Get High Quality backlinks

Now i will teach you next method which is very much easy. You can’t believe this method , how this method gives you thousand of backlinks.

Get backlinks threw . 

Step 1 : First of all you need to make account on ahrefs website which is so easy.

Step 2 : After you creating website you need to go site explorer in ahref website.


Step 3 : Now you need to put any website link in this explorer which have many backlinks . You able to check any website backlinks threw .

Step 4 : Put website link which have many link in ahref site explorer. Its shows to linked domains to this website like this.

Step 5 : we need to move next step , after scanning complete its shows connected domain . you just need to go all domains and comment your website link in those website comment section. After some days you all backlinks are shown .

Next Step & Important method to get Quality backlinks 

We are done two steps , move to next step which so important to make backlinks to website. In this method we use Tools for making backlinks . There are many software in market who makes quality backlinks for website . But i am used to making backlinks threw GSA Search Engine Ranker . GSA is very use full software to make Quality backlinks.

How to make money with Adsense – Adsense Profits Secrets

How to make Quality Backlinks threw GSA Search Engine Ranker

Step 1 : First of all you go to Official website GSA Search Engine Ranker & need to download that software. There are two option first if 5 days trial period second one is paid version. Now you thinking what is difference paid or free version. In free version you only get access of 5 days only . But paid version you got long subscription and many open feature which help you easy to make backlinks. But if you have no money then just download Free version.

Step 1: Open the software and click on new button.

Step 3 : Just click new button & enter your website .

Step 4 : Now go to option tab  & fill all required field which its asking . Like its asking first paste site title, description & Keywords.

Step 5 : After that you need to fill your article in this software & just press start.

Step 6: When you click start button then its started to make backlinks for your website. You need to fill all captcha which its showing when its submit your website. After some time its make hundred or thousand backlinks for you.


Now question is raise that after making backlinks how to index fast in google search. You don’t need to worry about that , i will also teach you that method step by step .

How to Index Backlink Fast in Google

Step 1 : Make any blog in Blogspot .

Step 2: Just make a new post in Blogspot  & Paste all your backlinks in this post.

Step 3: After creating post you need to make sitemap of this blogger & submit this website sitemap to google.

You also make free website like Yola & Crazy4us . 

After making free website threw both yola & crazy4us , need to create post same like blogspot. Repeat Procedure & you are done.

Hope you like this post , if you are got use full information threw my this post then share with your friends and family . Any problem making backlinks just reply in comment box , i will reply your problem with solution.

So with the help of this post you able to make thousands of High Quality Backlinks Free .


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