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How to Check Reliance Jio Mobile Number

How to Check Reliance Jio Mobile Number

Today I’m going you to tell how you Check Reliance Jio Mobile Number on your mobile phone. Reliance Jio doesn’t need any identifications, it is in every home. If you also have a Jio sim and you forget your jio number then don’t worry, in this post I’ll tell the few methods through which you can find out your Jio number.

Why is Jio So Famous?

Jio is famous because it is giving unlimited calling all over India with roaming free to every network, 100 messages per day and 4G data at very low price as compare to another network that’s why Jio is trending nowadays.

Why & How We Forget Our Jio Number:

When Jio was launched people start buying it as much as possible so that they could use it or sell in black to another person for few money. So they start buying it without thinking twice or some reason they forget its number because they thought that they will throw it after the welcome offer. But Jio surprised them with its interesting offers, now they start using it but forget its number that’s why they start to google to find out its number.

How To Find Out Your Jio Number:

Now if you want to recharge your jio for new offers but you don’t know your jio number then don’t worry, you are in right place. Follow these methods to know your jio number and if you are facing any problem in finding your jio number then let me know in the comment box, I’ll soon fix your problem. Basically, I will tell you 4 methods to find out jio number, these methods are well tested by me and they are working very well.

  • First method is checkin jio number using My Jio app
  • Find Jio number using jio 4G voice app
  • Another best method is calling to another number
  • Check jio number by dialing ussd code

So these were the four methods through which we can find out jio number, I have described well about the below, so just read and apply these methods as I have mentioned to find out own jio number. If you feel that these methods are not working properly then feel free to comment in the comment box, I’ll fix your problem as soon as possible.

Find Your Jio Number by My Jio App:

My Jio app is an official app of jio that have all your information regarding your jio like your mobile number, your plans, how much data, messages and voice call you have now (usage information). You can find out your jio number by using this method, just follow my commands to know your jio number.

  • First of all download My Jio app from here
  • Now install the app on your mobile phone.
  • Now open it and click on first option that is named as “My Jio” in Jio app.
  • After opening it, it will show you 3 options and that options are: “Sign In”, “Sign Up” and “Sign in with Jio sim”.
  • Now click on “skip sign in” option that is written on bottom of the app.
  • After doing it, you will be logged in directly in Jio app.
  • Now you can see your jio number written on the top with usage information about your data, sms and call.

Find Your Jio Number by Jio 4G Voice app:

  • First of all download Jio 4G Voice app from here
  • Now install it on your mobile phone.
  • After installing this app on your mobile phone, open it and and you will be redirected to home by logging it automatically.
  • Now click on 3 vertical dots that are on top right corner of app.
  • After that open “My settings” options
  • Now you can see your jio mobile number on the first option
    This is still working.
  • Keep your data on while doing this trick because it require data to connect this app to show your jio number.

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Find Your Jio Number by Calling to Another Number:

This method is so simple for knowing your jio number. Follow my commands to know your jio number.

  • First of all download Jio 4G Voice app from here
  • Open dial pad in that app
    And dial a number of that person who is near you at that time.
  • Now you can see your mobile number on that person mobile phone.
    It’s very simple to do.

If your mobile phone is 4G (VoLTE) then you don’t need to download Jio4GVoice app from playstore for this trick but if you are using a 2G or 3G mobile phone then you need to download Jio4GVoice app for this trick.

Check Reliance Jio Mobile Number by Dialing Ussd Code:

You can also find your jio number by just dialing a ussd code in your mobile phone. I am giving you that ussd code below, just dial that code and get your jio number in your mobile phone screen.

  • First of all open your dial pad in your mobile phone.
  • Now dial *1# in your mobile phone and tap on call button
  • After calling a pop will appear in your mobile phone and you can see your jio number on that message.
  • Now you can share it with your friends so that it will help your friends too.


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