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Directory Submission : What is Directory Submission & Why Its important for Seo

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Directory Submission, yes Today we will tell you what is directory submission and why its important for Website Seo. And what is profit to submit your website or blog in Directory?.


This is a very easy method to improve your website search ranking in search engines. For the help of this you able to index your website to all search engines.

After creating a new website what we thinking about a website, we think how to increase website traffic or how to boost your website rank in search engines.

So what think help us toboost ranking, this is called SEO. Seo is very important to think in website ranking, without the help of Seo we are not able to do a good performance in search engines.

Directory Submission is helping us to good performance in Seo & its boost our rank in all search engines. In other words with the help of directory submission search engines bot identify our website very well. And Result is good rank in search engines like Google Search engines.

For a new user who is creating is the new site this is Rocket Science. And they don’t know the importance of Directory Submission. If you wanna learn Directory Submission then this post help you how to do directory submission.

What is Directory Submission

Web Directory or Link Directory is Directory or World Wide Web. This is organized category or subcategory. For the help of this, we integrate another website with our site. DMOZ  & YAHOO is Two important web directory.


In other simple words when we submit our website in the web directory that’s called Directory Submission. When we submit our website to the directory then they checked our website legality.


Define Directory Submission is activity Off Page Optimization. This increase PR or other words increasing performance in Google Search.

When your website approved in directory submission then search engines start to give much importance to your website. In web directory they have not listed our website threw keywords, they listed our website threw category or subcategory.

Most of the web directory does not crawl your website threw crawlers. We manually submit our website in the web directory.

Means we manually submit our website in the web directory and after review your website they listed your website in a directory. Any every one able to submit website in the web directory.

Why Directory Submission is Important for Seo?

Directory submission is giving benefit to your website & its help to increase traffic to your website.

Profit to submit website in Web Directory

  1. Search engine easily identified your website.
  2. Your website got backlinks & quality.
  3. Website search ranking increase amazingly.
  4. Website DA or Domain Authority is Increased.
  5.  Alexa Ranking increase.
  6. Your website pages and posts index search engine very fast.
  7. For the help Web directory, you got inbound links.

What Things you need for directory submission

If you wanna submit your website in Web directory then you need some things to submit your website easily.

  1. Website Link / URL
  2. Website or Blog name
  3. 150 words blog description
  4. Site author name
  5. email address
  6. RSS Feed or your website

What Things is important when you Submit your website in Web Directory

  1. Do not submit your website in wrong category.
  2. Submit your website in Sub-Category.
  3. Not spam any directory.
  4. No Submit your website in Reciprocal link Web directory.
  5. Avoid to Provide wrong address or Physical data.
  6. Always follow parameters and then submit your website.

Can Every one Submit website in Web Directory?

Yes every one is able to submit website in web directory , there are so many free web directory there you able to submit your website .


Many paid web directory is also available  but you do not need to submit your website in paid web directory . Free web directory is much important then paid web directory .



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