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Good Friday 2018 – History, Wishes Images and Quotes

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 Here is some important information from History about Good Friday 2018 & Good Friday wishes Images and Quotes For Your Relatives & Friends


Jesus Christ was hanged on Good Friday, he was accused of hypocrisy and himself is called God’s Son. Good Friday is a hobby day, but because on this day Christ died, this is the reason that it has been addressed as Good Friday.

According to Christianity, Jesus Christ was the Son of God Jesus Christ is also called Jesus. On Good Friday, he was hanged on the cross.

On this day, the Lord Jesus who loves and trusts people throughout his life They are remembered and their teachings are mentioned on Good Friday, devotees take a fancy to walk on the path of love, truth and faith.

Many people express their grief on wearing black clothes on this day. 

Good Friday 2018, this day which is celebrated by Christians. Although almost everyone among us enjoy the holiday that falls on that day but we never gave a try to find out the history of the day. we should know about the day which means Good Friday. There are many Friday in a month but why do people consider only one as good Friday? Have you ever thought which Friday is known as the Good. In this day people are sending each other good Friday images & Quotes. This day is good for every christian.

Well, now we talk about the good Friday celebrated by Christians, many Christians around the world who live in different areas of the country celebrate it by candles.

They observe the day on the Friday that falls before the Easter Sunday.

All of us are aware of The Mighty God Jesus crucifixion. (Is a method used to give capital punishment in which the victim is tied, nailed and attached to a large piece of wooden and left to hang till death from exhaustion).

Many Christians commemorate Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death on this day.

It’s a Christian holiday but celebrated by all the other religions too. On the day, the Christians remember Jesus’ death

Many Christians in India goes to church on this day. And there they pray for the well being of their family and the financial growth.

Some people also keep fast or abstain from mean on this day as this day is strongly related their God and that’s the reason they prohibit non-vegetarian food on this day.

Good Friday images

Here is some good Friday images for your choose your best picture and send to your relative and friends.



Dramatic Sunrise Lighting and Easter Cross



Some Other Beautiful images of Good Friday 2018 & quotes are below.



Date of Good Friday 2018

This year good friday is celebrate on 30 March 2018.

Many Christians hold parades or open air plays to portray the last days and hours of Jesus’ life in some areas of India.
Although this day is known as the good Friday but it’s a day full of sadness. On this day they keep churches disclosed.

You will find churches empty and dark on this day, as it’s memory of the crucial death of Jesus. They hold Services  till the noon and are held in the afternoon only.

Many churches have a bitter drink prepared from leaves, vinegar, and other ingredients. This drink is for everyone to taste after the service.

Why do we celebrate on Good Friday?

Good Friday is remembered because this date marks Jesus Christ crucified and marks his death in Calvary. The account of the Gospel state states that it was the day when God’s son was deceived by Judas before being sentenced to death.

The date falls during the Holy Week on the first Friday of Easter Sunday and occasionally coincides with the festivities of Passover Jews.

Experts believe that the event has been made “Good Friday” because the word “good” means holy or sacred.

Some Awesome Holy Friday Greetings

They accused Jesus of blasphemy.
Judas Iscariot betrayed him. One of his twelve apostles.
They ordered Jewdish elders to handle Jesus and he was the reason behind the Jesus crucifixion. Because they were the one to ordered the Crucifixion of Jesus and they sentenced Jesus’s death.
The high priests of Jewish wanted their country Rome to decide and approve of the death sentence. which is he sent Jesus  to Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor in Judea.

But Pilate found Jesus innocent, but as he could not declare the result , he had pressure so he thought of an idea.He let the crowds decide his fate.

People were really angry and even they didn’t know the sacrifices of Jesus and therefore the angry mob shouted: “Crucify him”.

He stripped Jesus  naked with the crown of thorns placing on his head. They publically eat him and shout upon. Everything which was going against Jesus left him gone too weak to carry his cross.

They  nailed him and handed to the cross at Golgotha with the nailes through his wrists and ankles. It was so horrible to see Jesus in that condition .

Good Friday 2018 USA Celebration

But the cruel people were so stone hearted that they never realise the pain Jesus was suffering through.  They hung Jesus  there for aroung six hours.

He had an inscription on his head which had written a line “The King Of The Jews”.

While hanging on the cross Jesus asked to let him talk to his mother Mary and the discipline in charge John . He cried out: “My God, my God, why have you forsaken Me?”.

After his death, peoplle placed Jesus in a tomb and arose on “the third day”. that day is celebrated on Easter Sunday.

So actually Good Friday 2018 USA is the day to be considered as the day when the Catholics commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.

This is not a festival for them , rather it’s a huge event in Christianity. As It is the day that remembers them and represents the sacrifices and suffering in Jesus’s life.

The crucifixion was the culmination of a number of events in Holy Week.The day involves people fasting and praying

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While there are many symbols which christians use on this day


But the most important Good Friday symbol is the cross or the crucifix (against which they tied  the Jesus till death).

People use this  cross  in order to pay the attention to the way in which Jesus died.

Crosses are also further many types in which the cross that depicts the figure of Christ is highly recommend. People don’t disclose the paintings and the statues that they have in their houses.

The other symbols of the day includes the black cloth which they uses to cover the things in the houses.

And the churches to show the anger and the sadness, things include like the cross, paintings and the statues in churches.

In additions, some people create a bare appearance which means to remove the flowers and all the objects that shines. This day seems like a black day for them .

They remove flowers and the bright things from the houses and the churches and prohibit of keeping flowers that day.

Many Catholics Christians call the Great Good Friday. People know this day as Black Friday or Sorrowful Friday, as well as Long Friday.

When is Easter 2018 and why does the date of the holiday change each year?

For the Christians , Good Friday is not the Good day as it seems , rather it’s crucial day of the year for them. Because it celebrates what we trust to be the most momentous weekend in the history of the world.

Something crucial happened on that day which never be a good memory and we can’t forget Jesus sacrifices.

Ever since Jesus died and was raised, Christians have proclaimed the cross and resurrection of Jesus to be the decisive turning point for all creation.

Some of the people considered Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and was raised to life on the third day. All in accordance with what God had promised all along in the Scriptures.

Good Friday 2018 UK Celebration

In the same way ,Good Friday 2018 is as bad as the Crucifixion of Jesus, there is something good too about the day .

which is why its called Good. Some persons think that it had to happen for them to receive the joy of Eater. The love of God against the sins had  come  out on Jesus .

In Good Friday 2018 UK Celebration is biggest celebration in march,this day people eating and drinking.

It was the perfect sacrifice example in order to forgive.Without that awful day of suffering, sorrow, and shed blood at the cross, God could not be both “just and the justifier” of those who trust in Jesus.

If we see the way, we can considered to be the greatest  evil. This is the only and the main reason this day is known as the Good Friday.

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