What is Google Adsense CTR & How to increase Click Through Rate

Google Adsense CTR
Google Adsense CTR

What is Google Adsense CTR & How to increase Click Through Rate

Google Adsense CTR In Internet Marketing CTR is most important factor for advertiser and publishers. Advertiser only create those ads CTR is very high & publisher shows those ads CTR is quit high . If you wanna threw advertiser programmer then you need to maintain your CTR . If you CTR is not good then you don’t able to earn much money . So today i will come with this tutorial how to increase Click Through Rate .

Last time my one friend asked me that he have blog and his blog CTR is very low so he not able to earn much money . So today i will tell you all about CTR via this post.

Actually Advertiser create ads which CTR is very high Because high CTR ads have much benefit . Suppose if your website ads showing which CTR is very low then you miss the opportunities to showing high CTR ads . That’s effect your website earning.

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What is CTR in Google Adsense

CTR means in easy words is Click Through Rate . In briefly we explain that in advertise we got views and clicks , If we divide both then we got CTR . Means how much views is good for advertisement clicks .

CTR = Clicks/Impressions

Another words if we explain that in your site you got 100 views and 10 clicks then your CTR is 10 % .

Common Question every people asking is “What is Good CTR”   means what is good percentage is CTR who gives us good profit. Most of people complaint that they got good clicks on website ads but earning is not much .

How to Increase Google Adsense CTR for good Earning

As we all know that google adsense is most import source of income another word we called Prime Advertisement Programme . Many adsense earner earning much money in some views . because they maintain website CTR regularly . And another got much views but earning not good, because they not maintain website CTR . So here are some tips to maintain your website CTR .

  • Choose better size or location of advertisement 
  • Organic Traffic
  • Use both Text and display Ads
  • Adsense Section Targeting 
  • Placement Targeting 
  • Ads between the Post
  • Adsense blacklisted URLs
  • Adsense category blocking
  • Block Low CPC URLs
  • Your Experiment

I will suggest you follow all steps which i mention above. If you keep maintaining your CTR in google adsense , then i will promise you that you also earn good income threw google adsense. This is big mistake which all people doing .

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