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Google Adsense Native Ads Best Review

Good news for Google Adsense publisher that now you are able to use Google Adsense Native Ads on your blog or website.

My meaning to say that now in your website google Adsense advertisement shows like your article. So that big news for bloggers I think so.

Here I want to tell you something when a user visit to your website then he did not saw any ads who seems like your articles.

But now google offer a new system which is very popular call Adsense Native Ads.

If you don’t know about google three type of ads then today I will tell you Google AdSense ads. These ads called matched content, In-Feeds ads, Native Ads.

Also, i will tell you what is Google Adsense native ads & how to use google adsense native ads.

Native ads main profit is user experience increased because now ads are showing like your site articles. Google Adsense matched content also shows same type ads, but there are some differences in both ads. Both ads increasing your Google Adsense earning.

Google Adsense Native Ads Full Information

Every blogger wants to earn much money threw google Adsense. But lack of knowledge you not earning well. You need to know all Adsense features carefully for best earning through Adsense.

Three Type of Native Ads :

  1. In-feeds ads
  2. Matched Contents
  3. In-article ads

Google Adsense Native Ads threw benefits are below :

1.Good User Experience:- Naturally google Adsense native ads are made for showing high elements ads, high-quality images longer title & description on your website. So visitor has attracted those ads rather than others.

2. Great look & fit for screen size:- Google native ads looking good & fit for your screen size of your website.

3. Easy Use Ads:- You easily use or redesign these ads, because there are many design option given by Google in native ads.

What is Google Adsense Native Ads

It is a piece of content who matched with website content, but it is paid content which is provided for advertising purposes by the advertiser.

Site owner promotes this content & earning threw this content so it is called Google Adsense Native Ads.

Normally when a visitor comes to your website then they saw any type of ads. But when a user saw on native ads some time they thought this is website content. So they are clicking on this ads & you earned revenue, CTR this type of ads is so high.

Google Adsense provides three types of ads which are mention below in detail.

Matched Content:- sometimes ago google Adsense launch new ads type called matched the content. Now you thinking what is matched content , when you create ads on your account then its show advertises with your site content.

So you got the benefit, first of all, user thinking that is your website content so sometimes they click on ads. The second one is you got increasing in page views or impression.

In-Feeds Ads:-  In Feeds ads are making for your website feeds. For example in your blog layout shows 5-7 post in the list , in this list you able to post In-Feeds aads.This ads show title & description also .

Google Adsense offers 4 type in feeds ads

  1. image above
  2. image on the side
  3. Title above
  4. Text only
In Feeds Ads
    In Feeds Ads


In -Article Ads :- Third type ads we called In Article Ads,  this ad create for better user experience. This ad showing related ads to your website content, because most of Adsense user says website not showing keyword related ads on a website.

If you are facing the same problem then we suggest you use In Article ads on your website.

How to use Google Adsense Native Ads

After you got all information about native ads, another question comes in your mind that how to create Google Adsense native ads.

No worry follow procedure which are given below .

To Create Google Adsense Native Ads
  • First of Sign In Your google adsense account.
  • Now click on left side where you saw My Ads .
  • Create new ads unit in this box.
  • Now select native ads category on my ads section.
Native Ads
      Native Ads
Benefit to Making Native Ads Unit
  1. Increase Adsense Revenue
  2. Better User Experience
  3. Avoid unwanted Ads
  4. Better look & design
  5. Awesome in feeds ads

So start using native ads on your website , if you facing any problem to create or posting . Then ask to comment box & share this article to friends and bloggers.


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