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How to make money with Adsense – Adsense Profits Secrets

Adsense Profit Secrets, Hello guys as you all know that there are many earning method available in online. Like affiliate marketing, google adsense , PPC market etc.. But the best method you all love called is google adsense. Now you all want to know that why all love google Adsense , so there is much reason.

Like first of all google Adsense setup is so much easy, you need a website and one Gmail and you apply for google adsense , and soon you got approval. but many people have adsense but they are not earning in-off threw adsense , and they struggling daily how to earn well with google adsense .

So today i will tell you some basic method and some advance , for the help of this you able to increase your google adsense earning . so lets start with google adsense.

How to get more clicks for Adsense Profit Secrets

How to get more clicks in your website in google adsense ads. Because many person suffering from low click on ads . Result is earning very low , for getting more clicks you need to working on some fields.

  1. PPC :- PPC (pay-per-click) also called cost per click (CPC), is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a website owner or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked. for help of this you able to get more clicks on your ads.
  2. Youtube :- Youtube is best source of getting traffic . Post related video of any topic in you tube and post your website link in description . For the help of this you able to get more traffic on your website which result high clicks.
  3. Articles :- If you writing good and valuable article in your website then you able to get high traffic . For example I posted a topic in my website some times ago and i got 10000 traffic in this article and still i am getting traffic in this article . So best thing research on google and find which topic users wanna see in your website and write related article on your website.
  4. Seo :- Seo (Search Engine Optimization) is important for getting high traffic on your website. Many online tools show you weak point of your website seo . For the help of online tools find out this points and try to fix your seo weak points. One you fixed all then you see automatically lots of traffic comes on your website.
  5. Social Networking :- This points is so important because daily many people are joining social networking site like , facebook , twitter, whats app many more . so you need to regularly share your post in those social networking website.

After setup this you able to get high traffic which result is high click rate , but another most important thing is how to maintain higher CTR (click threw rate) , because its main thing to earn high with google adsense , so here is some points how to maintain CTR .

  1. Make ads not look like ads :- I see many people making the ads nonsense Like they making ads in different colors like yellow , green . So people not wants to clicks those ads . So you need to make ads like articles , my recommend is use blue ads in your website .
  2. Best Adsense Size :- In adsense ads size also matter , so best ads size is 300×250,300×280, 728×90 those ads are best for many clicks . If you  using those ads size then you able to got more clicks on your website.

Flip the market 

Yes flip the market if you need more clicks and high cpc (cost per click ) then you need to remember some things like if you use high cpc keywords on your articles then you able to get high cpc on your clicks . For example if you use topic News,cancer treatment , top viral videos, hiv treatment ,online software ,auto insurance quotes, personal injury attorney, web hosting, data recovery services ,online classes, forensics online course, these all keyword is high cpc keyword use those keywords and earn lots of money threw google adsense. At the end i will post a video which i found on you tube this you tube video is help you better to earn with google adsense .

Note :- This video is not my video , this video is property of real uploader and you tube .


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