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Valentine Week 2018 : Happy Valentine Day images,quotes,Wishes,SMS

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January is almost over and Happy Valentine Day is at hand. We know how much special Valentine’s Day is for people in love. It is like a festival of and for lovers all around the world.


In the month of February people are enjoying 2018 valentine day which is only made for lovers.


And celebrating this festival of love with your loved ones is the best feeling you can ever get.


Soon you will be bombarded with a huge amount of valentines day quotes.


We are here to let you know our pick of top 10 Valentines Day quotes which will actually help you out with your date, breakup and everything in between

Valentine Day Wishes & Quotes

 Our first quote comes from R.M. Drake

“and she always had a way

With her brokenness.

She would take her pieces

And make them beautiful”


If you are dating a strong, Valentine’s gift for independent woman then this quote is perfect for her. R.M. Drake here talks a woman who is self-reliant and brave.


Every time when she falls, she doesn’t look for a helping hand, she stands up by herself and becomes stronger and more beautiful.  You can also use this quote to help your girlfriend who is trying to build up confidence in her.

Happy Valentine day images

Happy valentine day images


 The Second quote is from Dr Seuss

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep

Because reality is finally better than your dreams”

This quote is a classic and it needs no introduction to those who have experienced true love for Happy Valentine Day. Everything you ever wanted in a true love has finally come true.


You finish each other’s sentences; you know everything about your significant other and love it as well.


When you look into each other’s eyes you see a glimpse of the future you want to spend together. All of it is so beautiful that now even dreams don’t have the same effect on you as they used to.

Valentines Day Wishes & SMS

 The Third quote is from Attic’s

“It was never the way she looked

Always the way she was

I could’ve fallen in love with her with my eyes closed”


This is the woman who is always there for you, one who keeps calling you all night if you’re sad. She is there to share your laughter and your tears.


She is always on the lookout for anything that might make you sad and you love just being with her. You can be your true self with her and that’s why you love her so much.


She makes you happy from the inside and makes your true self-laugh. You love her blindly as you should.


 The Fourth quote is from Nick Frederick-son

“So, I close my eyes to old ends

And open my heart to new beginnings.”


This Quote is all about moving on. It is a reality that not everyone on Valentine’s Day has a date. Infect many people suffer from nasty breakups during that time.


So this quote is a perfect healer for those people. Bad things happen that’s life but never let any of that go to your head. Always remember that things get worse before they are going to get better.


If you’re suffering from a bad breakup then believe that everything sad which is happening right now will pass.

Valentines day images for lovers

Valentines day images for lovers


 The Fifth quote is from T.C. Wright

“She could read his mind

And him her eyes.”

It is the perfect quote for the perfect couple. I mean, I know there is no couple out there who are perfect according to the world but “the perfect couple” I am talking about is those who are perfect for each other.


They are the sun and the moon in each other’s life. They complement each other through their differences and bring an almost perfect relationship to the table.


The quote explains such couple who understand each other without even saying anything to each other. They are comfortable in each other’s silence.

Happy valentines day pictures

Happy valentines day pictures


 Sixth one is from R.H. Sin

“She’s proof that you can walk through hell and still be an angel”


This one is a more mature love. It defines the perseverance in a relationship. It shows how even the bad times were unable to bring both of you down.


Not just one but both of the people in such a relationship are strong and they know to not give up and keep going when times are hard.


If you or your partner has gone through such a tough ordeal then do share this quote with them to make them feel even stronger.

Happy Valentines Day Quotes

 Seventh quote is from Ariana

“She loved too much,

And you could see it in her eyes;

Where she kept all the hearts

She put ahead of her own”

This quote is for the girl who likes to spread the love. No matter the difficulties she might face she still goes on to love everyone and everything in her sight.


She has the purest of heart yet she cares about everyone else’s wishes first. She is busy spreading the love so much so that she doesn’t even have any left for herself.


 The Eighth quote is from Vazaki Nada

“She looked my demons in the eye and smiled.

She fell for the very thing I thought she’d fear”


Many people have a dark side to them. These hidden personalities rarely come out in the open but even when they do, they are subjected to criticism from almost everyone.


This sounds very awful but there are some people out there with the same kind of demons hidden inside them who will find yours intriguing.


It is only a matter of time before that person falls in love with you and your true self.

Happy Valentines day wishes

 Ninth one is from Josh Walker

“It was instinctive

The way I fell for you.

Like an effortless intake of breath”


This quote talks about love at first sight which is good in Happy Valentine Day moments . Not literally at first sight but at the first meeting, it describes how two souls can automatically connect with each other instantly.


The Last quote is from an Unknown source:

“Slowly but soon whatever is yours in me

Will fade away”

But here i tell you one thing ,valentine day is part of Valentine Week 2018 which start on February 7 .Here is full list of valentine week :-

Valentine Week List 2018

Rose Day

This day come on 7 february 2018 wednesday of the week.In this day Lover give rose to which who love most.

Valentine Week List 2018


Propose Day

This day come after rose day on 8 February 2018 ,in this day  lovers proposing to each other.

Other day is come continuously like —

Chocolate Day – 9 February 2018

Teddy Day       – 10 February 2018

Promise Day  – 11 February 2018

Hug Day         – 12 February 2018

Kiss Day         – 13 February 2018

And after kiss day comes Happy Valentine Day which all lover waiting.


These are the best and most soulful valentine day list 2018.Love is something really special and unique in everyone’s life. Be it for your parents, your partner, or even your dog.


As for this valentine’s day- send these valentine’s day quotes to your loved ones, your crush,  your girlfriend,boyfriend. Spread love! Spread Happiness!

So what is your planning in Happy Valentine Day event,tell us to commenting in below.


Because now is your turn to tell us your experience.

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