How to Increase Your Website Traffic Without doing Any Seo

Increase Website Traffic
Increase Website Traffic

How to Increase Your Website Traffic Without doing Any Seo

As we all know that if you wanna Increase Website Traffic then you need to doing Seo of your website. But Today i will tell you a amazing thing , without Seo you also able to increase your website traffic. My meaning if you website not have Seo Friendly Article then no problem without good Articles you able to increase your website traffic . After reading that post you easily understand why i say that .

Often we see many person’s suggest Seo for increasing website traffic . But getting organic traffic from search engine you need to write Seo friendly articles and follow all Seo steps. But that’s not true because now days Social media is best source of getting traffic and also some direct reader comes direct , they are not comes from any sources.

Do you want to increase your website traffic without SEO. If yes then read carefully this guidelines, which help you to do so.

How to Increase Website Traffic Without Seo

Before we start i wanna tell you one thing is All Traffic is not equal. I say so because some one getting million traffic from search engine & another one get million traffic from search engines and third person getting direct traffic. So its not guarantee where you get traffic .

1000 Targeted visitors is better than 10000 Untargeted  Visitors. So try to write good post which is liked by your readers . Make interesting your blog that user waiting for your next article. means they want’s to read your every post.

Online Advertising

Using Online ads you will able to get thousand likes & visitors. And also if you ads your website in related platform then you also able to increase your website traffic 30% to 40 %.

For example you see many people using google adsense to reach more people. If you using right keywords and font for your ads in google adsense then you get more & more traffic from google adsense. Plus your site ranking is also increasing .

How ever if you wanna promote your website then i will suggest you two things first is Google Adsense & Second is Facebook Ads. For using facebook ads You able to get million traffic .

You able to buy facebook ads using three methods

  1. Paytm
  2. Online Banking
  3. Credit card / Debit Card

After your ads start facebook shows your link as sponsored , and you reaching the targeted people.

I wanna tell you one more thing that most of people who using ads , spend their 15 % to 20 % income on advertisement . But remember one thing if you wanna get much traffic threw ads then make your ads effectively and good looking which attract many people.

In starting you use only 5$ to 10 $ , If you get good result then increase your budget . I wanna see many people who using daily 10 $ and they earn monthly 2000 $ to 3500$.


Guest Posting

You also start guest posting in your website and also do guest posting in other website which have guest posting option.

There are two things , first of all you invite good blogger to guest posting in your website  second thing you post good article related to your website niche to another website. Now you thinking where to get guest posting website then will tell you method .

Go  in google and search string which i mention here :-

  • “Guest post”
  • “Contributing writer”
  • “Suggest a post”
  • “This is a guest post by”
  • “Contributor guidelines”
  • “Contributor to our site”
  • Contributor to our blog”
  • “Guest posts wanted”
  • “Writers wanted”
  • “Write for us”
  • Guest post by”

Comment in Blogs

Yes this is another method to increase your website traffic . Go in private blog like my blog and comment in comment section but remember one thing when you commenting don’t forgot to mention your blog address . Because with the help of your blog they able to visit your website . And you getting traffic threw comments .

Increase your Email Subscriber List

Email Subscribing is very successful method to getting traffic . For example when you open your email account you see many emails comes from different sources many of email comes from like our blog and online shopping website. Because if they send email to 10 people then 4 people surely visits websites where email comes.

So this is also a good method to increase your website traffic.


Conclusion :-

At Last i will tell you one thing , Every person is not able to buy Seo service or not know about Seo then i will suggest you just follow my steps and You 99 % Succeed in your Aim .


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