Install Kali Linux 2016 tutorial for beginners (FULL)

Install Kali Linux
Install Kali Linux

Install Kali Linux 2016 tutorial for  beginners (FULL)

Install Kali Linux in your computer or android because this is number one software if you are practitioner ethical . People love this software because this software cover all tools which we need to test any thing.

What you need for Installing Kali linux

So before proceeding next first of all my duty to tell you one thing that . For installing kali linux you full fill some requirement .

  1. 4 GB computer Ram
  2. Virtual Machine installing in your PC
  3. Pen Drive
  4. ISO image of Kali linux


Kali Linux Download

Virtual Box Download

What is Kali Linux

Kali linux known as before Backtrack which is number one tool of ethical practitioner . But later developer changed the name of backtrack & now they call this Kali Linux.

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