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iPhone 8 Launch Date September 12 , 512 GB Variant Expected

Apple Company is still silent about the upcoming event on September because everyone is expected iPhone 8 Launch Date in September. If Apple company follow the previous tradition of launching phone then new iPhone launch date is expected September 12 next month. Before iphone7 & iPhone 7 plus launched in first to the second week in September then the iPhone 8 release date is also September.

iPhone 512GB Storage Variants

People are guessing new feature of new iPhone 8 like increasing storage of phone & OLED technology. Founder of Geekbar claim that new iPhone comes with 64GB,256GB & 512GB storage option.

If the new phone comes with 512GB variants then may be iPhone 8 price is expected very high.Before iPhone 7 have 256GB storage facility which is already high, think now 512GB storage give you power like computer or laptop.

Source claim that iPhone 8 will replace a new generation of flash memory chips up to 512GB.


iPhone 8 Launch Date

Mac4Ever reports that Apple will launch it’s iPhone 8 on September 12. The report says apple company informed to his marketing company to prepare event & strategy for launching. But company not announce this even officially may be they announce one or two days.

If this report is true then new iPhone pre booking starts on September 15 & available on September 22 expected.But there is no guarantee that Apple launch phone is same date or month.

Some other expectation of new iPhone 8 is iOS-11 & Apple Watch 4k version. Here we want to tell you that apple watch is the second version to be launched.

The expert also expects Apple TV 4 in this launching date, threw this apple tv you able to play the game directly. Also some wonderful feature like touch screen facility, it’s the future of television which breaks all records.

iPhone 8 Specification

The iPhone 8 Specification is expected bring much improvement in the new phone. New phone brings OLED bezel-less panel, no home button, also a vertical dual setup with 3D sensing front & rear camera.

So we expected iPhone 8 launch date September 12 & 512GB storage facility. Countdown of new iPhone 8 will start.


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