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Review : Why iPhone X is worth $1000?

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future iPhone: The new generation of iPhone represents not just what the Apple has to offer but also what the pinnacle of human technology is. The all-new iPhone X is a beautiful piece of engineering which all of us can only dream to own one day, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who have a 1000$ just lying around then you should go for it. To convince you of the same, here are review iPhone x & 10 reasons explaining why you should go for iPhone X.


iPhone X Symbol of  Power

I phone is not just a phone, it’s a symbol. It makes you stand above from the ordinary crowd. You become a famous person just by owning it. It is also the most expensive iPhone yet, so owning one an iPhone X simply means that you’re successful in life.


  • Face ID:

The introduction of the face ID will make sure that your iPhone stays yours. If your phone is stolen by any chance, then there is no way by which the thief will be able to access your files.


I phone X will function when you want it to, thus making this piece of machine feel like a personal butler.



iPhone X represents the tenth anniversary of the company’s iPhone lineup and this makes it a collector’s edition item.


So after many years, there is a good chance that iPhone X may become priceless.


Animoji on your iPhone X

Animoji on your iPhone X

You know you want them. Animojis are newest piece of software from Apple. Animojis are all the emojis in your text messenger comes alive with your facial expression. In other words, you can make a poop emoji smile and a dog emoji say meow. How awesome is that!!


Portrait mode on your iPhone

Portrait mode on your iPhone

The camera on the iPhone offers the new and improved portrait mode. Both the cameras at the rear are 12 MP and have Optical image stabilization for steady shots.


There are also 5 lighting options available namely, Natural Light, Contour Light, Stage Light, Stage light mono and Studio light. The picture quality is sharp and crisp and the saturation levels are also at their best.


With this new camera set up, you can easily click professional pictures without setting up a studio; all you need is your camera and an object.


iPhone X Without A Home Button

iPhone X Without A Home Button

For the first time ever, there is no Home button on an Apple phone. The home button was the hallmark of all the I-phones but it won’t be present on the iPhone X. Apple did this to make space for the huge screen present on the phone. This brings us to the next reason.

iPhone X OLED Display Technology

iPhone X OLED Display Technology

iPhone X has a curved 5.8 bezel-less OLED screen which looks amazing. The screen covers almost 95% of the front of the camera. This makes the movie streaming experience on the iPhone an awesome one.


No matter what movie you’re watching it will automatically adjust the ratio according to the screen size for a perfect viewing experience. The screen resolution is 2436X1125 with 458 PPI pixel density.


It also features 3D touch, Wide color display, and True Tone display.


iphone x review and rating

iPhone X features an A11 Bionic processor with 64-bit architecture. The main processor is coupled with an M10 motion coprocessor which further enhances its performance.


iPhone X has the highest AnTuTu score of 232,787. Even the second highest score is of iPhone 8 plus. The processor of iPhone X coupled with 3 GB RAM is one of the fastest smartphones on the planet.


4k Video recording:

With the help of the most powerful smartphone processor, you can easily shoot 4k videos at 24, 30 and even 60 fps.


If you’re a fan of slow motion, then you can shoot cinematic slow motion videos for 1080p at 120 or 240 fps. For all your action videos shots, Cinematic video stabilization is present for videos at 1080p and 720p.


  • Siri:

World’s most famous and witty digital assistant comes with a host of new comebacks and commands on the iPhone update. Now you can use your voice to send texts and call other people. Siri is also hands-free, as you can engage with her just by saying “Hey Siri”.


These are just 10 reasons for you to buy the new iPhone X but I am sure there are many more.


Over the years Apple has defined what performance, style and luxury actually mean by integrating all of them in their smartphones and the iPhone X is also no different.


It takes all the qualities for which Apple stands for and takes them to a whole new level.


The new iPhone X is bound to be a trendsetter, some people will hate it, others will absolutely love it but one thing is sure, iPhone X is too big to just be ignored and it will always remain the same.There are More News about iPhone x on my Homepage.

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