Learn How to Charge Android Smartphone fast in 5 Steps

Charge Android Smartphone fast
Charge Android Smartphone fast

Learn How to Charge Android Smartphone fast in 5 Steps

Many people are suffering android smartphone charging problems. But today we will give you tips for Charge Android Smartphone Fast .Android phone with big screen and more memory than ever are also powerful batteries. Because the battery will not be so powerful if large graphics and fat will be difficult to use in the phone app. The first phone 800-900 MAH batteries was used. If using these batteries today, in a few hours the phone situation will worsen.

Ordinary Android Smartphone today in 2000 MAH battery is available. There’s big talk today of the battery in the phone are available up to 5,000 MAH battery. The big advantage of the battery that runs the Internet and better phone applications have been able to and once fully charged remove from a relaxing day. But this loss happened. Now it takes hours to charge the phone. There are very few hundred per cent call charge finds. Although some vandals through which you can charge the phone faster. Further we phone fast charging is informed of such 5 ways.

1. Sales Pack, use of the charger supplied with the mobile

Same charging PIN is often provided with charger sales Pack strove to agree not to raise. Any phone charger can attach your phone. That is why the phone is extremely slow charge.  The new smartphone charger also are smart than ever. This charger to charge your phone securely enables early. First where the phone for charging low voltage of charger of charger now there were 15 watts being used exceeds the large battery charging the phone are able to fast. Many phone fast charging is also given. If you hurry, you can use this feature. Although the each time is not better to fast charging feature on.

2. Aeroplane mode

If phone is charging early then you can also take recourse to Aeroplane mode. In this mode, Phone is on  but all its radio service (mobile network service) will be closed. In that case it will be hugely in charge. Aeroplane mode phone settings and nowadays has been with the power button. Press the power button for a few seconds will make the call of war as well as the Aeroplane mode will appear.

3. Only charger

If you phone USB charger in and the data transfer is not turn on you phone charger only. This phone will be charged in less time. When you phone to connect to the computer or laptop charger, USB connected show option. Click copy files and only charger media Option  of the MTP, appears.  This phone is extremely fast, but will charge faster than ever.

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4. Usb Port 3.0

If you are charging mobile phone with Usb port then then plug in new computer or laptop. Because old Usb port have Usb port 2.0 who supply 2.5 volt . But in new laptop and mobile have Usb port 3.0 who charging the mobile phone very fast.

5. Turn off background Compound Application

when you try to charge the phone put in the background to all the Application running in the Task Manager go off. Even the phone will charge a little faster. During fast charging there also try does not remove from quick phone charging.

After reading this article you able to Charge Android Smartphone fast & you will save you time.


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