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CPA Affiliate Program: Reasons to Join

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CPA Affiliate Program: Reasons to Join

Affiliate partnership channel/ CPA Affiliate Program is a self-driven platform which deals with an advertiser and its publishers. Although You can have your own in-house affiliate programs it’s better to sign up as an exclusive advertiser for an affiliate network. An affiliate program model can be: Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Lead (CPL), Cost Per Sale (CPS), or even Cost Per Click (CPC).

The Major objectives of affiliate channel are-

  •  Hassle free work
  • Cost-effective
  • Relief of blind spot
  • Performance analysis
  • Lessen in-house team

Challenges you face while you are dealing with an in-house affiliate channel-
Blind spot (Ad spaces)
Publishers performance
Less transparent work method
Large Team management
Analysis(validations, reports, tracking etc)

Benefits when you opt for an affiliate program with ad network

Blind spot (Ad spaces)– Full transparency regarding ad placement for brand protection, including manual publisher vetting.

Publishers performance–  Hunt for additional partners based on the client’s criteria and our monetization tools for publishers with over half a million publishers across the world. You can find and invite publishers/redirect current affiliates, join your own program by yourself. You pay to these affiliates according to their actual results only, WITHOUT FEE of the admitted system.

Analysis – With the support of extensive anti-fraud technology and services, including anti cookie-stuffing and browser extension fraud, AdBlock protection system, one need not pay entry costs, only pay for confirmed results detailed & transparent statistics. On time Validation, reports etc.

Transparent work method – Full transparent method, you can have a direct contact with Affiliate partners through your account manager is there to handle and manage all the issues with affiliate partner, Centralized decision-making structure, no need to pay the extra fee.

Effective Team management– There is no need to manage a large team for the affiliate campaign, by opting affiliate program you can able to do more work with ease.  Experience promoting global brands and exceeding their standards, you will be provided by 24*7 dedicated support team.

Extra traffic source– Use resources of personal affiliate program besides of aggregators’ traffic and other avenues of promotion. You’ll be surprised how many affiliates don’t promote your project for lack of information on your website about the affiliate program.Extra traffic source- Use resources of personal affiliate program besides of aggregators’ traffic and other avenues of promotion. You’ll be surprised how ow many affiliates don’t promote your project for lack of information on your website about the affiliate program.

Time to choose your affiliate channel

Now, to give you an ease I may recommend you admitted as I have personally used it and find it great, it’s an international CPA affiliate network, based out of Germany in 2010 with the biggest volumes coming from the CIS, the United States, Western Europe, the UK, and India.

As they will give an access to a wide & full list of the top-rated publishers anytime available for you. They will provide you with a pre-moderation service of publisher’s platforms as well as publisher’s selection approach based on your individual geo and traffic preferences. You can also raise support tickets on multiple languages.

They will reply your ticket within the flash of the second with the necessary solution you want. They also facilitate you with the trilateral meetings of top publishers, advertisers and admitted managers where you can personally meet partners promoting your product, discuss exclusive terms and joint action plans.

Still not sure if a personal mentor will help? Why not get in touch with one of them a call today?. The team of internet marketing professionals will happily talk you through some common pitfalls when getting started.

Discuss your strengths and weaknesses and recommend how you can get started with little or no investment needed.

Affiliate channel’s Tools

In-house tracking technology retags, retargeting, recommendations, product feeds, cart tracks, v-contact, automated chat agent, and a set of coupons and deals, whitelisting.

Apart from these Your partners will get access to the pool of all system’s development and capabilities: auto banner, traffic performance enhancers, links tester, adapted reports, after hours support, XML product feeds, “Coupons and deals”, weekly payments option and a host of other things which help affiliates to work successfully.

Sign Up Process?

As above said CPA Affiliate Program is a user-friendly interface so there are no difficulties  and facilitates to join the network.



Reasons to join: benefits of the CPA Affiliate Program

Transfer all your hassles right from pixel placement too, billing and payments, no technology cost involved, develop a long tail of publishers. Admitted charges minimal commission override when a transaction takes place, few of the most important advantages are:-

  •   No validation/ invoicing
  •  Easy payment processing
  •  Low need for affiliate recruitment
  •   High-Quality Traffic from multiple resources across the globe
  •  Easy user interface
  •  Promotion of the campaign by experienced account managers (24×7 account manager support)
  •  Preliminary approval process
  •  Global GEOs with Various Verticals and traffic worldwide⦁ Direct contact with the Publisher
  •  Direct contact with the Publisher

With its successful affiliate marketing admitted has + successful clients who are using affiliate program and happy to opt this service.

How to Join Step 1

If you want to join CPA Affiliate Program then Just, sign up for any CPA affiliate website & at once your account is created.You will receive a unique affiliate link which you can place it on your website for inviting affiliates to join your affiliate program.

Well, it’s a simple processor to join any network. When choosing an affiliate program then affiliate network is the best option.

As there will be more chances to get credibility, good promotion resources, expert support, cost-effective. You check the details of both and choose your suitable one.


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