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How to make Career on facebook

How to make Career on facebook

Facebook social media platform is an mainc part of people’s life nowadays.Every youth and even old person have facebook accounts. But can you imaging facebook help you now to make career on facebook.

The startup launched by Facebook two years ago with an eye on business. Facebook gives the name FB-STARTUP  for this programme. This programme funds world all startups. Facebook already help  in India at Rs 135 crore ($ 20 million). All you have to pitch your Idea Facebook panel and liked them so if you can get your funds.

If you want to start your mobile or web startup and then please send your Idea detailed plan on email There are some conditions, such as your business must be legal in your country.

Make Career in Facebook

Registration is required, please complete it according to the law of their country. Your application will tell everything about your organization. The core team members also have to give your all.Within two weeks of applying the Facebook team will reply to you.
If you feel good Idea Facebook initially he gives you the tools and services of the free package, whose cost can be up to 80 thousand dollars. As you Product Services Managers, Engineers, online operations and partnerships, support through events, Webinars, email, and start-ups can be made to meet Community.

Malhotra Amnjot near IIT Roorkee and start-up launched by former Paytm engineer Gaurav Saini also Partiko Facebook FB Start Programme is funded.
Bangalore-based content discovery Fliksp social network, it is also funded by Facebook.
India’s fashion e-commerce platform, Facebook FB Start program was selected.The start-up funds to Facebook has nearly 40 thousand dollars.
Pregnancy and Baby care Hilofari mobile app to Facebook, besides the 40 thousand dollar credit is given Provide Free Tools and Services. In addition, start-up Video wibe name is also funded by Facebook.

Start FB only supports mobile and web start-ups only. E-commerce platform, social networking sites, gaming sites, web-video etc. Facebook gives preference to innovative startups.


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