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Tips : How to Promote your online business on Facebook

Tips : How to Promote your online business on Facebook

Promote online business Facebook because Facebook is one of great social media website in Internet. Today i will teach you how to promote your online business on Facebook. With the help Of Facebook we will promote our online business. If you are a blogger then you share your post on Facebook & Increase your visitor on your website. But you need to care full when you start on Facebook with title or direct link. Because Facebook is very strict Policy . If you care full then no problem you face when you share on Facebook.

Tell me one thing you don’t want Facebook Traffic when you share your post?. Or Facebook gives you good role on your online business. If you wan’t much traffic threw Facebook then today i will tell you great trick . With the help of these traffic you able to drive huge traffic on your blog.

For example when you cooking food at home then you like spice food. Same when you start promotion on Facebook then you need to make post very interesting. Because if article is interesting then your post visible to every one and more visitors comes to your website.

How to Promote online business Facebook ?

  1. Posting Time :- Generally you see when your friends and followers are online when you got much benefit to share your post. Because this time to sharing your post is gives you good likes and shares. But this is not guaranty that your all friends and follower online at a time . Different time zone effect the user presence.  A big company research 2 years and after they publish result that what time most Facebook user is online & what is time is good for Facebook Article sharing. For your help i post pic check

    2. Tag People On Post :- In Facebook We tag our friends on useless pictures or status. But when we Posting our post on Facebook then no one tag our friends on Facebook. With the help of tag of your friend, your friends of friends also able to see your post updates. We are all ignoring this Facebook. For testing you try to tag your friends on your new posts . And then see how much likes and comments you got.

    3. Add a Location :- Many person not know about this feature. Facebook gives a facility to add a location , Because adding location in your post makes your post more visible and effective. Like when we wear good dress on our body then we looking good , Same if we add location in our post , its gives good look to our post.

4. Target Specific Audience :- There is another mistake is done by us when we posting our post we only

selecting our friends , means only friends able to see our post but this is big mistake , Always use public in                    your post . With the help of these your post reaching in big users. Here is the screenshot


5. Scheduled your posting time & date :- Facebook gives another facility to scheduled your post in                              specific time and date . Its take our much tension because if we are busy in work and your fans are                                  waiting for your new post then don’t worry leave all thing on Facebook . In post option we able to                                     scheduled our post a specific time.

6. Connect With Twitter :- Now you thinking why i write connect with twitter . Yes in Facebook we able to connect our twitter account with Facebook. Now you thinking what is benefit then i wanna tell you that when you connected your Facebook with twitter then you are doing two works at a time.

When you shared your post on Facebook , then Facebook automatically post your update to twitter . Then you got double benefit , visitors from Facebook & also from twitter . So always Remember this  point when you posting on Facebook.

7. Facebook Advertising :- As you all know that Facebook Have big Users . My Estimate is not in million but its in crores. So If you are using Facebook Advertising facility then your post reach is million people and specific location . And if million people comes to your website then think how much is your earning is increasing . First of all for testing spend 5$ to 10 $ , If result comes good then invest more money  in Facebook Advertising . My friends which have one viral blog he daily spends 10 $ on Facebook Ads and he got earning threw this 100 $ .


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