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YouTube became a source of income ; Forbes list of high you tube earners

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YouTube became a source of income ; Forbes list of high you tube earners


New York : Top Youtube earners ,YouTube channel has become the greatest source of revenue in youth. Forbes highest earning in 2016 released a list of the top 10 high you tube earners. In the top 10 of this year, income increased by 23% from last year. It is around 475 crore. Sweden ranked first Kjelberg Felix. Second and the third Indo-Canadian Roman girl Lily Singh. Most are under the age of 30 on the list.
-26-year-old Felix online on social networking site YouTube channel run. He ‘Piudeepai’ channel 2016 (June) to Rs 1.15 billion has earned the most. 20% higher than last year.
– More than 5 million people watch their channel. Roman Girl annual income of Rs 54 crore has been.His’ Roman Atwood “channel watch by 1 million people .
– Third-placed Lille Singh’s channel ‘Super Woman’ has 90 million viewers. Their total income is Rs 50 crore.Lilly also has the highest grossing female. The top 10 list includes 12 people.

This was a way to issue list

– Forbes list of the Nielsen data, interviews, agents, according to data released by Mangers. Youth on the list include rapper, gamer, Prankster, cook and talk show-like presenter.
– Second, the Roman Atwood 5 years ago on a three-minute YouTube video posted prank. His videos became so popular that the Romans called the prank started channel.
– Their income has increased 70% this year. Roman says, “I came that day on YouTube, people make money from YouTube did not even think about.”
– Similarly, a trip to Unicorn Island “Lilly has made documentary says” Sometimes it happens that I am is tired, but I still want to avoid the camera is not an option. “
Forbes 2016 list you-Tubers of Sweden Felix
Earnings of Rs 1.15 billion
#2. Roman Atwood- Prankster
earnings -54 million
channel-Roman Atwood.
# Three. Lili- Creator
Earnings – 50 million.
Channel-Super women , documentary-‘a trip to Unicorn Island ‘
# Four. Anthony and Ian-comedian,
Earning – 47 million.
Both “S mosh” movies have made. Second film Ghost mates’ will be released soon.
# 5. Taylor Oakley, Rosanna pansino
Income -40 million
The talk show host Oakley and Rosanna cooking show.


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