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Oscars 2018 Nominations & Snubs

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Every year Academy Awards Oscar comes in month of March,this year Oscars 2018 Nominations date is 4 March 2018.In this year its goes 90th Academy Awards.

This year’s seems like a very necessary step forward in the right direction from the standpoint of the Academy.


Not only films produced by small studios are being recognized as a high quality work of art but superb attempts of new filmmakers and actors.

Also being given equal amount of spotlight as any high budget film starring a veteran actor.


Among these categories are two films which stand out from the rest of the Oscars 2018 nominations in their own way.


Oscar Nominations 2018 Snubs


These Movies are “Get Out” and “The Shape of Water”


The Shape Of Water Oscars 2018 Nomination

This is the most unusual movie to have come out of Hollywood this year.

The movie is about the monotonous life of a mute janitor who discovers a humanoid sea monster at her place of work and is assigned the task to take care of her.


Creature was captured by secret government agents from the jungles of Amazon and was being tested on to aid the US military in the ongoing Civil war.


Film revolves around the Fish-man” bodysuit actor Doug Jones and the mute girl “Eliza Esposito played by Sally Hawkins.


Director Guillermo del Toro really captures the plight of a socially awkward, out of place, a mute girl who finds solace in a creature who shares her mute tongue.


“The Shape of water” is a thriller and fantasy drama with a social commentary. Film tries to be so much and the funny part is that it manages to succeed in a lot.


But the plot never diverges away from the real interpretation of love between 2 hungry souls, who are suffering each day, in their own way.


Supporting actress Octavia Spencer was also nominated for the best-supporting actress. Spencer plays the role of Zelda in the film who is supposedly the only friend that Eliza has.


Michael Shannon also gives an amazing performance in the form of Strickland, a secret agent operative.


Michael choice of character in the film play’s to his character as he didn’t try anything new with his method of acting. Despite that, his performance in the movie is downright awesome.

“The Shape of water” has received a total of 13 Oscar nominations in almost all the major categories including Best Picture, Best actress for Sally Hawkins.

Best supporting actress, best-supporting actor, Best Director, Best original screenplay, Best cinematography and many more.

Oscars 2018 Nominations & Predictions

  1. Timothée Chalamet
  2. Daniel Day-Lewis
  3. Daniel Kaluuya
  4. Gary Oldman
  5. Denzel Washington
  6. Sally Hawkins
  7. Frances McDormand
  8. Margot Robbie
  9. Saoirse Ronan
  10. Meryl Streep


Oscar Movies 2018

Another very usual yet socially powerful film to get the best picture nomination this year is “Get Out”. Jordan Peele who has made in the small screen by his famous comedy show Key and Peele makes his debut as a writer and director of this film.

If you’re familiar with Key and Peele then the film “Get Out” is like another one of their social commentary/comedy sketches taken two or three steps too far.


Casual comedic racism depicted in their comedy sketches takes a dark turn in the film when Chris Washington played by Daniel Kaluuya has to meet his girlfriend’s parents.


Daniel’s girlfriend is played by Allison Williams, who introduces Chris to his white family and a barrage of awkward and uneasy conversations ensues.


Film was critically acclaimed when it came out and it also became the first ever debut film directed by an African American director to reach 100 million dollar mark, in its first week.


This film manages to capture the actual evil of racism which plagues our society. It shows us that Nazi’s not only come in an outright violent avatar but many of them are sweet talking and evil scheming tacticians.


Get Out has been nominated for 4 Oscar nominations in all the major categories including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.


Get out has not only proven the capacity of a Black Comedian artist for Horror writing and direction but it has also changed the horror genre by giving it Oscars Nominations in all the elite categories.


Earlier this genre of film wouldn’t have made it past the category of technical films .


But Jordan Peele’s groundbreaking writing and direction has launched this film straight into the same league as drama.

Both of these films defy the conventional Academy standards and are in their own way groundbreaking. Social commentary seems to be the theme of this year’s Oscars.


Films like “Get Out”, which dictates the social evil which our society encompasses within itself, are much more preferred over traditional drama movies.

Another surprising pick was Mudbound, its cinema grapher Rachel Morrison is the first female to be nominated for Best Cinematography. “Mudbound” is also nominated for Best Writier Screenplay.


Mary J. Blige who plays Florence Jackson is nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

In the superhero genre Wonder woman received no Oscar nominations at all and the fan favourite. 


The Disaster Artist received only one nomination for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay.


Recent controversies  James Franco related to sexual harassment is being seen as the reason for the exclusion of “The Disaster Artist” from any major nomination.


Many Oscar pundits were previously very positive about an Oscar nomination for the said Actor.


But the accusation of Sexual misconduct allegedly snapped that opportunity from his hand.


Boss Baby Oscars Nominations

People are talking why Did The Boss Baby’s Oscar Nominations because every one is surprised to see animated feature film.

The Boss Baby? Are you sure?every person surprise to see in Oscars Nominations 2018 awards.

It is the first time in Academy award history when The Boss Baby type animated feature film is nominated.

 The Boss Baby

Printable Oscar Ballot 2018

Papers and the news channels everywhere are praising this new change in the Academy.


Oscar 2018 which is taking in account diversity and talent.


From the 2015’s accusation of favoring only white actors, the Academy has come a long way.


This year’s Oscars nominations, more small yet talented studios and several new writers and directors.


They feel motivated in making their passion films come to a reality.

The Awards when only the best among the best will receive the highest creative honour in the Film industry.

Some other Oscar 2018 Nominations is tiffany haddish oscar nominations.

Until then all the movie buffs can take out their  and keep their schedule free for the Academy Awards.

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