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Padman Movie Review,Release,Songs

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PadMan Review : Padman is a Bollywood movie based on a short story from the book of Twinkle Khanna that is The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad.

Movie Name: Padman
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor, Radhika Apte, Mrinmayee Godbole, Jyoti Subhash

Director: R. Balki

Release Date: 09 Feb, 2018

Duration: 2 hrs 20 mins

The book is further inspired from the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham. He is a social activist who comes from Tamil Nadu. The whole story of the movie is all about the sanitary pads.

Movie throws light on the point when a girl enters her puberty point.

Padman has the cast including Akshay and Akshay has become a heroic for everybody as he is really giving blockbusters movies.

Also his Toilet-Ek Prem Katha , was a movie for the ladies who were suffering because of the absence of the toilets in their houses.

Again Akshayn Kumar is back with a new idea . He is motivating the persons and the ladies not feel ashame of this natural thing.

Padman Movie Review & Box Office Collection

Padman Box Office Collection : According to the reports that have come across , if we see then we will find that the movie has a starter of collecting approximately 10 crore in the theaters.

It’s a average , not that bad and not that good as it was expected by the team and the cast.

Padman Story : It is movie which revolves around women and tells how she suffers through the day of their mensis. Lakshman is a mechanical engineer and a welder . He is newly married to his wife Gayatri (Radhika Apte will be seen portraying the role of her) .

In this movie the entire cast has done a great job and needs applaused. Akshay will be seen a welder who himself will create and invent a machine.

This machine will be used to create the sanitary pads for women. In this movie , at one point he did wear pad in self to test them. Honestly if this wasn’t true, you wouldn’t believe it.

As long as the movie padman sticks to this fantastical true story it holds, it will be a blockbuster and inspiration for women.

All the dialogues are worth of watching this movie and needs claps . One of my favorite dialogue is “Mard ka maja andar ki aurat jagane se hai”.

Akshay Kumar never stays back in doing the social service for children and women , and by giving this kind of movies he is really helping women to such a great extent.

Padman Movie Box Offlice Collection

That he himself doesnt know who much blessings he is collecting by doing this.

Besides of depicting the life of the man Lakshmi and without wasting so much time on the build up, Balki have greaty directed the movie.

Lakshmi is a lovely husband , who had a deep concerned with his wife and can’t see her in pain. To eliminate the word pain from her life he can do anything for her.

Even he seems unable to bear the fact , when his wife is cutting onions .

And his wife start sheding tears because of the onions, Lakshmi seems panicking and bring a toy for her which will itself help her in chopping the onions.

It shows the deep concern of Lakshmi with his wife Gayatri.

Padmain Movie Songs

The things seems to turn down soonly in the lives of both Lakshmi and his wife Gayatri . As soon as he notice how badly his wife feels the pain on her monthly process.


He starts feeling bad for his wife or for himself too as he is unable to reduce the pain her wife is going through.


But his concerns for Gayatri comes upward on seeing his wife using a dirty cloth to clean the blood , she was getting because of her menstrual cycle.

From there , he feels that women life is a life which is full of troubles and men will never understand the situation as they never need to face it.

Thereafter, he promises himself that he will not sit by placing hand on hand . And he will not let his wife use dirty cloth , instead he will himself bring sanitary pads for his wife.

Padman Movie Trailer

Although Gayatri seems little bit worried on his decision to bring sanitary pads as Gayatri feels pads are not that cheap and it will needs such a nigh cost. Just because of cost she asks his husbands not to bring .

The movie has brought tears in the eyes of the people , especially women . The incredible amount of support by the two co-stars of Akshay in the movie is greatly appreciated.

Padman Movie Songs

There is also a scene , as the scene appears on the screen , the theatres were filled with the gag laughs. The scenes includes Akshay and a shopkeeper.

When Akshyan as Lakshmi went to a shop to buy a sanitary pads for his wife , the shopkeeper tries to give him the pouch under the table .

Means to say he was trying to give him the way so no one can see them. On seeing this Akshay says “Aise kyu pakda rahe ho jese mai sanitary pads nahi charas ganjha lena aaya hoon”.

The only and only point of this movie is to create the awareness about the sanitary pads , as the man himself told that there are 82% women those don’t use sanitary pads.

Either they seems using the mud , the leaves or anything else on their monthly days. It’s a really huge problem for them.
Well it’s a comedy-drama biological movie. This movie has presented Lakshmi’s life and inspirational journey of his life.

The movie pays attention only on the suffering of the ladies from their menstrual cycle and the absence of the sanitary pads.

Some women cannot afford while some women seems lack of knowledge about the pads. if we talking about Padman Movie Review then its  directed this way to create such awareness among the people.

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