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14 Reason to Quickly Start Using Accelerated Mobile Pages

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You are thinking about to adding Accelerated mobile page on your website. Then stop thinking and start doing. Because you are missing big opportunity to get high rank in a google search.

Today in this post I will tell you what is profit or loss to using AMP in your website. There are many topics in a different blog where you get information about AMP.

We all know that using AMP on your website will boost speed in a mobile device. Because nowadays most of the people using the mobile device. So Google also says that if we using an amp in a website then its also boost your search engine ranking.

If you are thinking to start using the amp in your website then read this post before using.

What is Profit to use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages ) in Website

Google AMP using is some profit and also some loss. So in this post, you will know 15 profit and  Loss to using AMP in your website.

Google AMP Profit & Loss

Google AMP Profit in Website

  1. Website Fast Loading:- Google Accelerated makes your website faster. So your website speed increase in all type of mobile.
  2. Boosting Search Ranking:- After increasing your website speed, Google gives a reward to your website. That means your website ranking goes up in search engines.
  3. Minify CSS, HTML, and JAVASCRIPT:- When we start to using amp then no need any coding for minifying CSS, HTML and javascript. AMP automatic do all things.
  4. Support Analytics:- Google AMP also support google analytics.
  5. Ads Enable:- In AMP pages you able toads all type ads, like google adsense ,amazon, or flipkart.
  6. Free CDN Facility:- After using this your website save in google cache. So you got free CDN service facility.
  7. Setup is Easy :- Google AMP setting in website is so easy. There are so many plugin available for WordPress if you are using WordPress platform.
  8. Extra Content Avoided :- In computer desktop we saw full version of website. But in mobile version only use full information shows like post & ads.
  9. Users Experience Improved :- After using amp users only saw use full information in website. Because many users only want to see information in website.
  10. Slow Internet Problem Solved :- Many users are suffering for slow internet who lives in backward area . But AMP also accelerated that type users website also.
  11. Improve Server Information :- If your website server responsive is very slow then no worry after using this use full plugin. Because some website have so much traffic in website & they got problem in server response. But when we start to using amp then problem is solved automatically.
  12. Customization Need Ends :- AMP main work is increasing speed of website , so we no need to customize our website for mobile.
  13. CTR Increasing :- If we using Google Adsense or any other Ads network then we got high ctr . Because when we reach in top then automatically got many traffic & that means high CTR.
  14. Users Loves your Site :- Suppose you are visiting a website which speed is very slow then what you do ?. Simple you not wants to visit that website. But if you got fast loading website then you love that’s website & visit again.

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Loss to Use AMP in Website

  1. Revenue of Ads Reduced :- Google AMP big loss is ads revenue is going very low . Because when we start to using amp in website then header and sidebar ads not shown. So i think our ads revenue going low after we start using this.
  2. Sidebar Widget not Shown :-In AMP Page we not able to saw header ,sidebar or Footer Ads.
  3. Facebook Like Box not Shown :- In Amp page we not able to show Facebook Like Box.
  4. Email Popup not shown :- We are not able to show email popup on our website after using this.
  5. Speed Goes Fast? :- Google says after using AMP your site speed increase 85 % . But this is true or false?.
  6. Depend on Google:- You are running a self-created website, but after using amp your totally depend on google. if some issue comes on the amp then problem also comes on your website.
  7.  Future is Bad:- Once you start to use AMP on your website then you not able to come back with a normal website.
  8. No Navigation on a website:- After start using this your not able to navigate your website. so this also a big issue.

Conclusion:- There are so many good & bad thing including in AMP . But this is starting of google who wanna improve user experience with Google AMP. But we hope in future we able to see big updates on amp & Less issue.


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