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40 Sites or Directories to Submit Your Site

Sites or Directories to Submit Your Site, so important task is directory submission. When you made a new website then you have two option.


Wait until search engine bot index your website. Another option is pinged your website so search engine index your website fast.


Most of the blogger when they make a new website does not know the best process to index their website. But you did not need to wait to rank your website, you have the better option.


Today we will tell you best method which ranks your website much faster. So you no need to wait for big traffic. Below are some website or Directories submission where you need to add your website URL.

Best Sites or Directories to Submit Your Site

  1. DMOZ
  2. Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Submit your Site to Bing
  4. 01 Web Directory
  6. Best of the Web
  7. Canny Link Internet Guide
  8. Bloggeries
  10. Blogcatalog
  12. Bloggernity
  13. Bloggapedia
  14. Blogging Fusion
  15. BlogFlux
  16. Blog Listing
  17. Blogdigger
  18. Blogorama
  19. Yeandi
  20. SplatSearch
  21. SunSteam
  22. Exactseek
  23. Free Website Directory
  24. Information Outpost
  25. InfoListings Directory
  26. InfoTiger
  27. LinkCentre
  28. ScrubTheWeb


Above is the list of best Web directory where you easily submit your website. Some directories are free and some are paid.


If you not able to pay then only submit your website to free directories or if you ready to pay then submit in both directories.


Press Release Distribution Websites to Submit Your Site

Press Release is the best way to promote your website fast. When you launch new website then you need to announce with press release submission.

Some Press release website is charging for submission. But do not worry today we will give you a list of press release website which is totally free.

  2. ClickPress
  4. Online PR Media
  6. CGIDir
  7. PRWindow
  8. Free Press Index
  9. NPR
  10. Beta News
  11. Directions Magazine
  12. ThomasNet
  13. NanoTechnology News
  14. PRLog

Submit Your Website to URL or Press Release

Submitting your website to press release is so easy. You just need to visit the website and find the registration section. Enter the required information, after that submit your site & upload the press release data.


After that, they reviewed your data and approve your URL.But in the directories submission they taking some time longer.


Here we tell you one thing in press release website you need to submit your data again and each time. Most of allow you submit data from the link so you get back backlinks for your website.


You already know the power or quality backlink’s, if you need high rank in google then need good backlink for the website.

Because some years ago some people discovered that if the site has many backlinks the site got a good position in search engines.


But when Google discovered then they start penalized the website. So some people are still making backlinks & other are stopping to make.

Benefit to Submit URL in Directories & Press Release

If you submit Your website URL in directories & press release then site gain a quality backlink. Which result is website rank faster in a search engine or they find your article or website faster.


If you notice after doing this process your site gain good rank in search engines then continue directory submission.


Otherwise find another way to get search engine notice your website faster. Internet marketing is a way of the alternative of this process.


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  1. Best sites, If anyone want to get rank in search engine then directory submission is most important way. Thanks for providing great links

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