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What is difference between white hat seo and black hat seo

Ok, guys today I will tell you about the difference between white hat SEO and black hat SEO. As you already know what is SEO and how its use full for our website or blog. But you surprise that

But you surprise that SEO has two type once is white hat SEO and second is black hat seo . now you all thinking what is black hat seo and white hat seo . Don’t worry I will tell you

Don’t worry I will tell you difference between both. so lets start first with white hat seo.

White hat SEO and black hat SEO

White hat SEO

White hat seo is opposite of black hat seo . white hat seo refer some efforts who improve ranking of your website in search engine .

In white hat seo you doing practise in good way . Here is the list of white hat seo practise submission

2. writing quality content

3. using high keyword

4. using descriptive tags

5. Make your website easy to navigate

So there are one question stand up that what is all points means so understand first pls all these points then you know clearly all these things.

first of all i am talking about directory submission. My meaning for directory submission that submit your website to search engine like goog le,yahoo etc.. And also add your website in to directory like Dmoz, and Moz directory’s.

Second thing quality content , because If you need high ranking in google then you need to write high quality content to your website . because if you are not writing quality content then user not stays in your website long time and its increase your bounce rate. Which is dangerous for your ranking in google.

High searching keyword is most important part of white hat seo . If you wanna high searching keyword then you need to tool keyword planner .

Tags also pays good role in your ranking so also choose long words in your tag. because they shows searching bots that what is about your topic.

Black hat seo

Now come in topic black hat SEO ,black hat seo is totly opposite for white hat seo . most people using black hat seo for boosting ranking in search engine . but is only short term practise , and google penalized for practising black hat seo .

if you doing black hat seo for short term then its ok but another side if you use black hat seo for long time , then i will recommend that do not use this. so now question is what content in black hat seo

  1. Article spinner.
  2. Link Manipulation.
  3. Link farms.
  4. Link schemes
  5. Link wheels
  6. Using fake traffic software
  7. Automated queries to google
  8. Creating page or sub domain with duplicate content

Now here is question according to black hat seo that what is article spinner . some time we copy famous article in other blog and then we modified this article with the help a of tool called article spinner , If you search in internet then you able to found Many tools who spinning the articles . but google hates spinning articles . so do not use spinning articles , always learn how to write unique and good content.

Second one thing is link manipulation that’s meaning some time we buying backlinks for your website from other website .

But first of all i wanna tell you what the is benefit of backlinks.

Backlinks one type of vote for your website by another website to the google .

If your website have many backlinks then your website easy to got high rank in google . but do not buy backlinks from another website. Try to got backlinks threw himself writing good articles in other website .

Another one is using fake traffic software in your website called  black hat seo . when your website is new then many person using fake traffic software for increasing rank in google .

But its also good for short term but if you are using this software in long term then no benefit and  also google banned your website if you using fake traffic software long time . here is some fake traffic software like Hitleap , Jingling etc.

So now you little bit know about what is black hat seo and white hat seo . when my website is new i using black hat seo but when i got result , its disappointed but when i start using white hat seo then i got great result . so i recommend use white hat seo , here is my some effort doing white hat seo

Web 2.0
Web 2.0

So keep practise & do experiment with SEO because don’t know when you achieve your desired rank.



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